Monday, December 5, 2011

On wet days...

Singling out a day in your lifetime sometimes takes you into another day and place that you have once been - by that I mean partaken in. Life has many choices thrown at you but in order for one to be able to choose wisely does one really have to feel the negatives of it first? Choices sometimes are not within the grasp of your hand with many connotations one has to oversee and endure..

Take marriage for instance..
What happens when you reach a milestone in a marriage? Would you not take it as a blessing or a feat these days? In this day where irreconciliable differences are often sited for a separation - would you not celebrate the reaching of say a Silver Jubilee?

I was thinking the other day of love..
Falling in love, those initial momentous time of it blossoming into something concrete. Promises made to each other and the yearning one feels at the start of those feelings overtaking one. Being far away a torture sometimes from each other.. That first kiss that goes on and on..or that first touch of his hand when he asks you for a dance. I have always been a romantic. Waltzing with the one you love has always taken one somewhat into an atmospheric beautiful tide of love overtaking each other. Just like when you think how life has treated you and you say it was like waltzing away the minutes and before you know it the music has stopped and it is time for you to step out of the shadows of the dimmed light - a dawning that life holds much in a daylight and the nights are for celebrating..

Well, I woke up early today..a rarity these days. I got to wake up the morning light for a change and not be an accomplice to its woken up stance as was usual for me these days. I thought of sunrise and how beautiful it would have been to witness it. It would have been a special time for me especially today as I write this. I remember a sunrise like never before - a sighting of maybe 20 years ago. I sat in a house on a hill and it came up a little reddish line across the horizon at first - the clouds a greyish slumber. Then it rose in a scope of a
half a circle with orangish tints on a scarlet circle covering the whole horizontal view of the sea it rose from. Miles and miles of it - just an awesome sight, one I would never forget. I read a forward the other day - something about if there was a God after all..Well, watch the sunrise or the sunset and you'll not have to answer that query.

A little bit of appreciation of all things beautiful will go a long way in making your day. Like looking up the sky and seeking God's strength in it or picking up a child and kissing those little lips or even just laughing into someone's eyes and bringing on a smile. Life is about fighting actually..fighting to be noticed or perhaps go un-noticed...what say?
I know of someone who is at the moment fighting for what he believes in..despite brickbats and throwbacks and back biting. I know of people who are listless in their quest for justice and right of living and even surviving. Their determination and courage of will and dream of peace and stability amongst a nation diverse is so becoming of their character and what they denote and stand for..and this for maybe peace of mind and freedom.
In the midst of all this turmoil, the sun still rises and sets, the flowers still bloom and the weather is still unpredicatable. I see a storm coming up and when I do, do I run and hide or face its wrath and believe that I shall overcome...something to think about.

Here's me wishing you all a great week ahead of you, life's choices are hard sometimes so take it as it comes and each day as it appears..Love you guys!



  1. When one is young love is comforting to your body i.e the excitement of your dance. As we age it becomes comforting to one's mind. Well more or less,
    One day politicians will think like you, but don't hold your breath Shobana.

  2. Hiya CC..I hope they do and thank so much for stopping by my friend. Hope you are doing fine at blogit!


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