Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A song for Christmas

This Christmas belongs to you and me
In a silent caress it  touches we
Adoring and whispering words of love
with hugs and kisses we embrace unsurpassed

Our chances are mingled with the hope it represents
That someday we'll cherish and speak of it to no end
This Christmas you hungered for my love as I did yours
As we spread its cheer  on a cloud of nine stood we

Our carols are sung amidst noiseless stellar days
awaiting the birth of the beginning of another year
Christmas for you and me is seen so clear
amidst a chrism of constellation it lights up our love
and twinkle anew like the stars that shine above

Christmas this year is just for you and me
Our soulful song sung in a chorus of ageless cheer
Valentines Day GiftThe lark and the stork is bound the other way
For this year our song is sung for just you and me


1 comment:

  1. Well Shobana folk usually shoo the a stork off the chimney round this parts but a lark is always welcome.


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