Thursday, December 8, 2011

The voice of love
The dusk of the evening filled her with trepidation
She thought she heard a distinct diminution..
Outside the fallen leaves seemed
dry and crisp
Engaging her thoughts interspersing with a voice..
He seemed to call out to her
His love apparent and his words full of tears..
She felt him in her arms crying in a silent wish
To be with her at all times oft times
even with untold searching for her near..
She saw someone in him and she cried
her wistfulness helpless and in a random time
She said a prayer for him
maybe to bring her fears allayed
by her storm inside..
He touched her once in many ways twice
A completed man and incomplete by her
A man of stirring with a heart of desire
To be with a woman
he concludes as his dream of untire...
His illusion may bring him completion
May he not or May he his question
For she is bound by a forsaken
in the eyes of him
that stays hidden...

1 comment:

  1. You are at your best with your tragic love expressions Shobana. there are a lot of lonely people out there.


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