Sunday, December 18, 2011

When on a roll..

Events that takes place in ones life always takes them on a quest of experience and is either a hopeful occurence or a dreaded  one..I believe that the people are accountable for more or less how each significant incident is dealt with. Mindful consideration for one another would be a plus factor I assure you..which brings me to the question - are there genuine feelings of consideration in any one these days?
Apart from family and even then with selfishness tucked in neatly in one's attitude - consideration and care for one another is slowly eroding..

The coming celebrations and seasons greetings are looked upon with much enthusiasm and fervour. I wonder if the camaraderie is still intact with the many different people that share our lives and by that I mean in every way (color, creed, race and age). Age, because as the generation of the past slowly withers away the newer generation brings with them forgotten values and principles..a good reason to value historians I should say..
I believe history should state facts for this very reason... and a summary of a good history is often dedicated to equal resemblance and total knowledge of  enlisted facts with truth and accountability for each worded flow a must. Incidences that take place is a story told, revered and learned from - wouldn't you say?

Singling out my family from the many who celebrate Christmas is something that I want to do today..

Years before, we had a wholesome family I remember. My dad and brother have since passed on and still missed with regretably much left unsaid between us. Some others have left the circle citing irreconciliable differences and we miss the children who we don't meet especially on these special occasions of celebrations.

This would be the second year since my dad's passing and the fourth since my brother's. Both had similar ways of celebrating these occasions and that would be in a "Big" way. Dad always got something new for our home each year - something new for Christmas always excited him. In a way it was a good thing - you get into the mood of appreciating his choice and getting him happy for the season verses his fussing about everything else...

This year after a short phase of not really being in the mood for baking - I did some..I baked us a fruit cake..
Managed to get it sort of tasty and fruity too! My daughter is on to the cookies bit and mom made her muruku - something very Indian. I haven't really been out shopping as yet and every now and then pass a shop playing the carols..
Shopping has always been a last minute thing for me..What shall I wear this christmas...geez, what color this year???
My Christmas tree is on a roll - silver decorations for two years running!! Well on another note, just thinking about cleaning house gets me tired but the dazzle after makes me think it is tolerable!!

Anyway, I'm sure there are many of you out there who are away from your loved ones, especially those in combat or military posting. Then of course those who are looking for a quiet Christmas - hey buckle up will ya - Its Christmas..lets be merry and have a great time...drink to your heart's glory for tis the season for wine and lastly eat till the turkey is gone for next year it may be pricey(ier)..

Have a great week everyone and as Christmas approaches..I am sending you my special smile for the season..:) Enjoy!



  1. Sorry Shobana I cannot see a smile anywhere.You did start celebrating Christmas much too early.
    You could now start putting bit of tinsel around your blog. What did you mean wondering what colour to wear it that an excuse to buy a new dress. I think green would suit you ha ha now you won't wear green.

  2. Hey CC, I did the tinsel stuff and put in some decor for you to appreciate...Geez CC, green as in GREEN - I'd end up looking like a decor myself..


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