Sunday, December 4, 2011

When the postman came a calling..

The postman came a calling
without the courier she waited for..
Her wait in vain
Her lips felt dry
Her eyes felt the wetness of the sky.

Her suitor he claimed to be
A present as his promise was not to be..
Not today..

The postman came a calling again
It was another break of dawn, another day
She felt her pain so deep within
For the courier she waited for
was unseen..

His love for her was written sometime ago
In books not read by anyone
but the Lord
and yet she felt his uncertain words of love
went beyond her call for trust
in things done
and seen..

The courier went a vanishing
His thoughts of her reached an astonishing
Her love for him started in a secret admonishing
Will soon be found in his presence
once he stays his fears
and faces what love promises him..

1 comment:

  1. Well you girls like it be be in black and white.
    Just no change from yesterday will not suffice.
    I feel the same as I did last week. No good.
    Why does he not just say it.
    Why does she want it shouted out each day.
    If he loved me he would just tell me.
    Perhaps he will send a note by courier.


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