Saturday, December 3, 2011


Why? Did you ask me why?
Today the day seem a little forlorn
Or yesterday it rained on a scarlet morn..

Why? Did you ask me why?
The picture perfect image seem scared
Or the violet of the flower turned a color unknown..

Why? And should there be an answer now
Or would you seek another form
Of finding signs that speak all on their own..

Signs of sadness or a tinge of misgiving on a beautiful morn
Signs that perfection has its limitations
and signs that there are colors yet unfurled
within the scope of this earth's living
and maybe challenge the myth
of the unknown..

Why? There is sometimes no reason as to the Why!



  1. Why because it is in your own thoughts Shobana the violet is still violet you believe what you feel that is a natural phenomenon if you don't believe me ask your Mum.

  2. Hi CC, so good to hear from you and hope you are doing fine. Couldn't comment yesterday and today I could - wonder what's with this blog. anyway checked with mum and she says you are so right..:)


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