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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walking with the Stars

She caught a little star in the magic of her hands
Shimmers of silver clutched
within the grasp of fingers
filled with dust
coarse in a
kaleidoscope of shine..

Every drip of the stardust
slipping onto the
enveloped magical
surrounding of 
blanketed visions
aligned by the constellation
of the night..

Shine O shine this night
she whispered in elated breath
heard amongst the
fairies and moonwalkers of the night..

She whispers once more
I walk among the fairies and the moonwalkers
to see the magic of the stardust
caught in my fingers
lithe and limb 
from the
glisten of its

and am caught in its rapture,
awe and am an avid seeker
of such gifts as those
from above..


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Struck by a Falling Comet

sitting in a heap
legs folded beneath her feet
she struck a picture perfected
by an image
of the surroundings
the color of pink..

her little fingers drew
on the sand
the words that
tipped hats off in spring..

I love you like a million dollars
the ones not made by man
but struck by a falling
comet burning
a fire in our soul
and bringing us
to fruitition
a love
between a
man and his woman


Friday, January 27, 2012

Born of a woman, loved by the heavens

Tonight the angelus will be sung instead
amongst brethen picked by God's hand
For once a declaration was made in the absence of man
between the Angel Gabriel and the woman
who bore the Son of God..

God's spirit reigned on a virgin made holy 
with the breath of the spirit holy
was she with child
blessed amongst all men..

Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews
his Name
Blessed by creation and
killed by the inhumane
to be born again,
risen and seated at God's right hand..

Unto him a little child was
entrusted by God
Loved and held close
unto his arms
she was kept safe..

who be that child is
on the lips of all men
Blessed is the woman
who bore this child
from unto a man..


Thursday, January 26, 2012


The papers mentioned a little story
to an amused poet who was
dismissed in a disagree..

The silent induction of a religious sect
once considered dominant in history..
It was a mixed reaction because
of its ill-repute
spared a punishment
due to its disrespect.

For to be proven
the powers that be
would be a threat..

For to be respected
the powers that be
would begin
an unrefined offense..



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When Dates Coincide

And so the weekend where we had extra two days to gather our momentum of taking a break ended..work beckoned today -  25/1/2012 at 9.00am...
I don't know about you but sometimes its great to get back to work after a long holiday of sleeping in and practically being brain dead! Well, in my case I did see a light at the end of the tunnel when I did a bit of housework to keep me entertained..

Guess what, I love the horoscopes and predictions that come with the advent of the Chinese New  Year. Mine said that I would be pretty lucky this year and true enough I struck a small tidy sum at the numbers and decided to invest and have another go at it today - 25/1/2012!
Wish me luck>>>smiling here!

And I read albeit briefly about the solar storm that wrecked havoc with aviation and satellites marking one of worst storms to batter earth since 2005.
And here's what I feel about it..

the solar storm brought on the northern delights
Nasa's satellite away did it sway by a brush
The aviation industry was taken by a storm
where take-off and landings were decided by its occurence

Seven years apart before it caused a sensational debut
Perhaps marking the zenith of a new
war of the solar system in orbit..

The world may spin another tale in another seven years
but would it be partaken by us
who are here to revere it..

So since it showcased breathtaking beauty amidst the catastrophe and left many scientists
scrambling for safety..lol how about that? Anyway it is to be admired and at the same time alarmed.

And today 25/1/2012 which has really no special connotations or consequence to me except that I had to get back to work after a really long weekend has another six days to February - the month of St.Valentines..yeah!!!!!

So here's me telling you we have an interesting month ahead of us and let us just hope the year would be as interesting as the lights that showcased with the solar storm and be witnesses to more amazements and beauteous sightings..

Have a great week ahead of you although it is mid-week this day, 25/1/2012 and its only another two more days to another weekend :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

La belle et moi

je suis la belle
avec ma coleur
et avec ma sourire
et je peut parlez un francais
mais comme ci comme ca
j'adore la beaute

There is a little something
in what she see in things
with a little color
and a smile that captivates
her spattered knowledge
of French
and her adoration of beauty
instills a sense
of contentment
that stills her senses
and reels her mind...


Sunday, January 22, 2012

The masked companion

the fallen petals soft in its touch
adorned her fingers and her feet did touch
its silkiness..

the leaves of the summer
did one day stay the gush of breeze
that passed its way..

She sat alone thence
her thoughts untamed
her masked companion
her trusted friend
her once upon lover
her future in his hands..

For what is a lover
but a trusted friend
and what of the trusted friend
who in turn became
a masked companion...


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Reading Anyone??

It was one of those days when I had to get into work early - my colleagues had appointments scheduled for them which preceded my intentions of waking up a little late into the morning as sleep totally evaded me the whole night through. Have you ever wondered at the limitations lack of sleep can implode upon a being. Well I am a total zombie when I lack sleep. Is it any wonder that it resonates with the beauty of an individual - yes, very much so...

The clouds overshadowed my enthusiasm which was totally nil on my drive to work. Something about those clouds - they just fascinate me. It is like there is a whole new kingdom in the sky when you take a closer look. Its no wonder writers and poets and even biblical passages have written of them.

I took a drive downtown once, something I rarely do just to avoid traffic..it was in the greater part of the morning when some have what they call brunch when they miss their breakfast and settle for an in between breakfast and lunch. All through the way, I watched the sun in the distance - very much apparent just sort of guiding me to my destination. I always think the sun follows me in this context..The old adage of the sun used as a guidance in telling time, the direction of east, west, north and south (before the compass came in handy that is) and even the prediction of weather which come to think of it tells us what to wear for compatibility brings my thoughts to this question..have you ever heard of astrological compatibility? Well, I looked up the definition of compatibility in the wiki just to get a barage of different words spelling the same meaning and I stumbled upon "astrological compability" and this is what attributes to its meaning : -

The affinity between two individuals is known as compatibility which is also known as Synastry and is the study of the relationship between two individuals using a relative study of their natal charts. The relationship between their planet positions, signs and houses are analyzed to how compatible they are with each other. The study is based on the distribution of energy in their individual and combined charts.

Fancy that, in some instances you need astrological compatibility to sustain a relationship. So then to continue with the guidance of the sun - did you know that astrological compatibility is denoted by the direction of the sun? Well, did you..tell me no and I will get into this lengthy discussion which might bore you to death about the sun and the moon and the planets!! They constitute to the whole planetary introduction to astrological nuances.

Anyway, I am on the brink of madness when I think of how I missed out on my astrological charts being read before an eventful occurence in my life. I have missed out on the chance to let the planets coincide with my genial thoughts..so giving in to the notion that life is all about taking chances, more so missing chances in my case..a little melancholy when I come to think of it but then I have survived so I suppose the chances are stretched out for me for a bit.

Well on that note,  this is me signing off for the week, wishing Malaysians who will be celebrating the Chinese New Year either directly or indirectly as it is a long weekend ahead - a celebratory time and to those from the outer circumference of Malaysia - a great week ahead..and hmmm...chances anyone?? :)


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Pact

This time her thoughts took her to the days of old..
when the rising of the sun beckoned
an awakening of
prolific  visions
of disseminated tasks..

Each an adage to the duty ahead..

Some tumultous moments that led her
to the lessons chartered in days to come..

Masterfully chaptered in a book
it lay written in bold..

For the work of her hands would someday
be the threshold of God's gifts..
Two children had she with been blessed
and embraced with..
To take her on her worldly
ephemeral duty..
an oath of pledge to the vow
she made,
a God given chance
to mark the phenomenal
moments and tirelessly
ascend the mount
of triumph..

In her quiet

A sacred pact she made with her God once
she would someday have the life she dreamed of
when the sunrise ended in a sunset
of panorama,
victorious in her transition
towards a life owned..


Sunday, January 15, 2012

The rainbow after a storm of rain..

Would it be blue? she onced asked him..
clinging on to him on a piggy ride,
Her hair braided in pig tails
her careless spirit clinging on
to her carefree heart...

Further up the sky seemed to be smiling
a little flushed from the crimson of
its exuding..
He then lifted her up in the air
showing her the rainbow
that would someday
be a telling for her life
with much flair..

Red for the fiery spirit she lived
Green for the naiveity she represented
Violet for the flowered path she would
thread with much care

and yes, my child he said..

Blue it is, for Love builds
laughter ushering excitement in veins, for the love of her life
 would someday show it alive
just like the colors of the rainbow
after a storm of rain..

It was when she asked Him if Love was of the color blue..


Friday, January 13, 2012

With a laden heart of wonder..

have you ever wondered at the vastness of the oceans
even the Earth seems bequeathed of its majesty
and it cowers at the strength of  its might...

have you thought as to why it covers the
portions of the earth delined by the book of Genesis...
waters of the Earth versus the crust..

Does man not live by bread alone but by the breath of the Lord
and the wisdom of His soul?

For who can tell the hour that the Lord comes
to relegate evil from good and good from evil..

For His Power and His Glory and His Might
takes charge of the humble and brings him to Glory...

she sits her down and listens to His story sometimes
and smiles for in her heart the tumults subsides...


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Within the scope of their minds the battle rages..

A chorus of excitement could be heard
in a tangible conclusive targeted world...

He sits through the proceedings
his mind his mentor
calculative in his strides
as the darkened tormentor..

They say their piece amidst their
introspective splendor
a distinguished ensemble
they counted as in numbers..

Their views summarised in
a jist of worldly matters..
In retrospect targeting the
undefiled minorities in particular..
spoken of and against
by the aggressors
of unjustified accusations
and ungodly actions..

They reach an agreement
though not all concur
for in the back of their minds
their selfish needs embattle..


The flameless charade

she dressed herself in ornaments
of Gold, her ensemble of purple
a backdrop absolute..

her eyes aroused by the
shine of a message..
for her days are numbered
 her steps taken bold..

Somewhere out of her view
strays a query or two..
For what of a number
did she substitute her will
to a change
To which raison d'etre
did she constitute her
dreams to?

Out there somewhere the will
to survive instills a leaden fear
The bright sparks of life
instills a fire of willed degree
of the celcius not yet defining the scale
of a magnitude yet indefinite ..

For reason only known to them
did the pursuers partake in a flameless


Monday, January 9, 2012

When the storm of thoughts collide..

The air so crisp, the autumn clings
to a season in a painted hill..
A footpath lingers till it
touches the hilt
of a charmed estate
so pray tell..

In a world of the nether
where the angels gather
does the charm of their voices
reach the ears of a distant

He walks the path where flowers
bloom and grow and endoweth
his step asunder...

In the world of the beauteous
does the scent of the fragrant
jasmine linger
when touched by lips
that quiver..

By the sound of the thunder
does the weather
breach its steadfast
ways and bringeth
hither the thoughts
of the wanderer
to sway in his
order of his wayward ways...

A breach of trust, the thoughts collide
someday a charmed one
will enter and hide
and find a proclamation
that the thunderous weather
exclaimeth and be it that it be
a storm doth come
his way..



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Attuned to Each Other

And so, right now we are into our second week of January and the first passed in an inadverse sequence enveloping me in uneventful eventualities of events..
The school term has started as with my daughter's term in her University. She has quite a challenging year ahead of her if her aims are to be met in accordance to her dreams.
My nephew when asked by me how school was after the long holidays had this to say "Its tiring Aunty Shoba" as I am called by him. I could imagine that. I mean after lazing around for nearly a month and getting into the holiday mood and spirit and of course with the goodies thrown therein - school prisons their leisure!
For them to get attuned to the regime of discipline will need a bit of a wake up call I think.

I wondered at my school days - there were days I was so into it and days I had to drag my feet..and come exams - my stomach would do a somersault of sorts. I wonder at what the year hold for each of us..
Would it bring the prosperity of a nation as a whole back to us here in Malaysia? How many kids would be born - given the statistics that every minute a child is born somewhere and what would the world population be? Would there be an exchange of wedding rings or would the institution of marriage take a beating as live-in couples are on the rise. Which brings me to the question - how would the statistics of married couples in a country be accounted for? Surely there would be no evidence in the written of "live in couples" now would there? And of children - would those born out of wedlock (here purely based on individual preference and cultures of the Asian way) be looked at without any measure of discrimination.
And wedding rings exchanged..would there be a need for it? I bet in a sentimental way it would as with any feelings in relation with love augurs..diamonds being a girl's best friend and all that jazz..
Why can't Jade be a girl's best friend..or maybe even red garnet. Red Garnet would be great I think..it would bring enlightenment as with anything associated with red! Well just my thoughts as usual..
Well, as we get past and into the norm of the Roman calendar, our chinese compatriots would be ushering in the Chinese New Year. Another big festival given that they hold the highest number of population in the world at the moment and is unprecedently the population found in every part of the world. Quite something don't you think? Which is why I suppose Mandarin is the second most spoken language of the world..
Another language to master I think - they are a super-power to be reckoned with, China that is! Any surprise as to why they hold the economy or is part of the economical pie contributing to countries they are in?

Anyway, I am into treasure hunting these days - and this time in the literal sense. My resolution made up just about now is to do more reading and find the treasures that succumb to the treasury bank of our minds..Something to keep us updated and upgraded if you must.

My last book was one of Robin Sharma's and that was eons ago..One of my much admired mentor I should say..
Well, the earth is still revolving and every minute minds are working and changing to every topic imaginable >> so here's me hoping that I should be able to revolve with it in a good and successful way of course :)-

Have a great ahead week and here's me wishing all my Chinese friends a "A Very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year" . May we celebrate your festival with you and be part of this wide range of network that has meted our statistic of being of another race and of another religion to each other..And as we mingle, let us learn first and foremost to appreciate, value and respect each other for what we are..


Saturday, January 7, 2012

When rain became a potpourri

I hear the raindrops outside my window
a little wet, a little whistle the wind blows

I hear it say, go cuddle a pillow
wrap yourself in a blanket 
I'll tell
you a story so..

The clouds today - a little weepy
And me being rain,
a cold run
I vented
on a heated ground

Tears then splashed
from the cloud above
I was lifted high
above the ground level
into the air
and reached a status
 of crystal
diamond potpourri..


Thursday, January 5, 2012

A journey courted by me...



In the mistiness of a summer rain, I took a walk along the edge of pain,
Taking with me a little of  a blissful strain of a languid need for a cup of gain
in my thoughts akin to a need of a release of endless chains cast upon a
an innocence untrained to a mind that need no explain to the sounds of


In the channels of a rain drenched day
lay the waters scented with flowered rays
of a dewy morning or evening come what may
awashed anew to eyes that await
clearer pathways to a bloom..


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When choices are not within our reach..

Life is about choices you say..
I am saying it's not!
Its what we pick from the
basket offered
  of the cradle we once
laid on.

what of those without a
chance to see through the window
of a just world..
where poverty derides his worth
or wealth diminishes his sight..

what of those who hunger for
love and is bereft if not
given a choice but
trail along the paths wide
and narrow living
a silent decree...

what of those who live forever
in chains bound by
the sons of the beasts
who seek the blood of
the innocent and 
abhors the Holy Grail...


what of those who wake to
a race, creed and color
chosen by the bond
of his precursor
and stumble upon
the hidden treasures
that are not within
his reach...


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sailing through with a smile..

She wondered at the simple things in life
How a smile imparts a
message of Friendship and Love

What of those of bickerings and quarrels
brought upon by Man
in his obtuse wisdom he is adjudged by his

She picks a little chapter from her life
where wisdom imparted with a smile
is often judged in the courts of infectious laughter..

Wisdom imparted with a smile ?
you may ask..
Its one where pride and freedom,
dignity and self reliance,
truth and harmony,
is left intact

Adjoined with a sense
of belonging
to the smile
you have for the other..

Learn to Listen for in listening first we have the last say...-shobana-

A fountain in a rainbow's way

Tiny bubbles rippled through the shallow waters
where pebbles dined in a feast of
sunscaped colors in a myriad
of encounter..

Crimson Red, Garnet Grey with
a little bit of shadowy play
Thoughts of her of him
A love of a fountain
in a rainbow's way..

Tiny ripples thrown in waters
by hands so nimble
it creates a simple
pattern in threads
of line filled rays
of colors so blinding..

Red and violet, Blue and White
Black and Sunburnt
the children play
beside the rivers of
God ingrained beauty
Shined by silver
with bouquets of greens..


Sunday, January 1, 2012

In Wonderment - 2012

And so the new year brought in by the stork came stealing in leaving a year behind to reminisce. I wonder if like me you have had an interesting last year..

I walked quite a bit in a daze wondering at the catastrophes throughout the year, the new diseases not yet discovered - as the discovered ones are still in the "find the antidote for it" situation, the value of money spiralling up and down in every currency bringing down superpowers economically with the layman feeling the pinch..and hey the death of the most wanted in the world...Osama bin Laden. I did not think I would live to see that day but as in the trial and balance of God's accounting..he is now tallied and is a number in the death department with a certificate I hope to prove it. You know like they say these days, there are networks and then they are networks. Like in the Al Qaeda network their cause was unjustified (apparently so - I haven't spoken to any of them personally but they would have a different version of course!)To have survived this long - they would have definitely had a thriving business locked in somewhere.
Personally I, who run a business have felt the crunch of the economy but then have survived the fall.  Have you thought what would transpire if  the much awaited New Earth is discovered? Would we have superpowers and the third world in it too?
How is it we are known as a third world? Interesting question don't you think..considering this Earth was blasted away from its original planet or asteroid and civilisation was born at the same instance scientifically that is.. or would we begin life with God appointing someone to oversee the seven days of creation or would He do it himself yet again. I for one and God if you are reading this say..just make man out of a woman's rib this time and just please have the seas and the mountains and add a couple of animals to it and then let there be night and day and see what happens..please? Now just as an after thought - we really need the sun which will control the night and day of course Lord so as to grow some vegetation .. and what would happen if the New Earth decided to be all vegetarian? So in that instance Lord, we need to have an age limit like for the fishes and the animals otherwise they might outlive the humans and would the animals be vegetarian then?? Gosh quite a lot of thought goes into making a world functionable!!!! Oh and can you also please let the men bear children this time? They somehow seem to have the better part of being a partner in the conception of another human.

Anyway, I hope this year the stork only brings in good tidings. A little worrisome though when you have prophetic predictions and unprophetic(?) predictions drumming the world's end this year in our very fragile ears..Fragile because after all the chaos that you have been listening  and witness to, our ears just want to take a break hearing bad news! And listen (any of you who care to of course) I am walking in this year only with my eyes wide open. My ears have taken a bashing of a lifetime and I tell you literally!

I have some places to travel to this year and my resolution is to be actually bothered about weather predictions in other countries! I am not going to leave that to chance for sure..its flooding these days all over the world..whatever happened to the ozone layer? Now that it is either raining or blizzards in cooler temperates, has the ozone layer benefitted from it. Do we still need to cut down on carbon transmissions and YES smoking? I had two cousins of mine visit a northern country and their trip was supposed to have been for 4 days and its now going on to the 6th and yep still there as they are caught up in the floods..

I am seriously thinking of going into the aviation industry..maybe buy an airplane or two with skeletal workers and then sort of get into the black in about a year after that flying just domestic first and maybe branch out into international ..start with being a budget airline and who knows..hmmm..pardon? Someone has already done that? Well yeah, heard about it ..making waves now that person - well who knows one can dream can't they?? Hell its 2012 and I WANT TO BE THE FIRST WOMAN to run an aviation industry - they say there's money in it..so now you know my other resolution - MAKE MONEY!!

So here's me wishing all of you a great, successful and a safe year ahead of you.  Life is all about taking chances and  making the best of it...and may lots of money fall from the sky for all of us..


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