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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Attuned to Each Other

And so, right now we are into our second week of January and the first passed in an inadverse sequence enveloping me in uneventful eventualities of events..
The school term has started as with my daughter's term in her University. She has quite a challenging year ahead of her if her aims are to be met in accordance to her dreams.
My nephew when asked by me how school was after the long holidays had this to say "Its tiring Aunty Shoba" as I am called by him. I could imagine that. I mean after lazing around for nearly a month and getting into the holiday mood and spirit and of course with the goodies thrown therein - school prisons their leisure!
For them to get attuned to the regime of discipline will need a bit of a wake up call I think.

I wondered at my school days - there were days I was so into it and days I had to drag my feet..and come exams - my stomach would do a somersault of sorts. I wonder at what the year hold for each of us..
Would it bring the prosperity of a nation as a whole back to us here in Malaysia? How many kids would be born - given the statistics that every minute a child is born somewhere and what would the world population be? Would there be an exchange of wedding rings or would the institution of marriage take a beating as live-in couples are on the rise. Which brings me to the question - how would the statistics of married couples in a country be accounted for? Surely there would be no evidence in the written of "live in couples" now would there? And of children - would those born out of wedlock (here purely based on individual preference and cultures of the Asian way) be looked at without any measure of discrimination.
And wedding rings exchanged..would there be a need for it? I bet in a sentimental way it would as with any feelings in relation with love augurs..diamonds being a girl's best friend and all that jazz..
Why can't Jade be a girl's best friend..or maybe even red garnet. Red Garnet would be great I think..it would bring enlightenment as with anything associated with red! Well just my thoughts as usual..
Well, as we get past and into the norm of the Roman calendar, our chinese compatriots would be ushering in the Chinese New Year. Another big festival given that they hold the highest number of population in the world at the moment and is unprecedently the population found in every part of the world. Quite something don't you think? Which is why I suppose Mandarin is the second most spoken language of the world..
Another language to master I think - they are a super-power to be reckoned with, China that is! Any surprise as to why they hold the economy or is part of the economical pie contributing to countries they are in?

Anyway, I am into treasure hunting these days - and this time in the literal sense. My resolution made up just about now is to do more reading and find the treasures that succumb to the treasury bank of our minds..Something to keep us updated and upgraded if you must.

My last book was one of Robin Sharma's and that was eons ago..One of my much admired mentor I should say..
Well, the earth is still revolving and every minute minds are working and changing to every topic imaginable >> so here's me hoping that I should be able to revolve with it in a good and successful way of course :)-

Have a great ahead week and here's me wishing all my Chinese friends a "A Very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year" . May we celebrate your festival with you and be part of this wide range of network that has meted our statistic of being of another race and of another religion to each other..And as we mingle, let us learn first and foremost to appreciate, value and respect each other for what we are..



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