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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The flameless charade

she dressed herself in ornaments
of Gold, her ensemble of purple
a backdrop absolute..

her eyes aroused by the
shine of a message..
for her days are numbered
 her steps taken bold..

Somewhere out of her view
strays a query or two..
For what of a number
did she substitute her will
to a change
To which raison d'etre
did she constitute her
dreams to?

Out there somewhere the will
to survive instills a leaden fear
The bright sparks of life
instills a fire of willed degree
of the celcius not yet defining the scale
of a magnitude yet indefinite ..

For reason only known to them
did the pursuers partake in a flameless


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  1. Is this her wedding night Shobana, if it is a I would call it off.


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