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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A fountain in a rainbow's way

Tiny bubbles rippled through the shallow waters
where pebbles dined in a feast of
sunscaped colors in a myriad
of encounter..

Crimson Red, Garnet Grey with
a little bit of shadowy play
Thoughts of her of him
A love of a fountain
in a rainbow's way..

Tiny ripples thrown in waters
by hands so nimble
it creates a simple
pattern in threads
of line filled rays
of colors so blinding..

Red and violet, Blue and White
Black and Sunburnt
the children play
beside the rivers of
God ingrained beauty
Shined by silver
with bouquets of greens..



  1. I like shadow play. Always be careful the hand does not reach out and pull you in.

  2. well, this incident happened about 4 years ago. it was a breezy lazy sunny sunday afternoon and me and my buddy went out for our teh tarik as usual. then out of the blues, we bumped into a friend whom we've not met for quite sometime. i asked him what he was up to and he boldly replied that he's about to establish an airline operating company and it would be named PLATNIUM AIRWAYS. at that reply, me and my buddy was flabbergasted and shocked! so we asked him if there would be any vacancy for us to fill in of which he replied 'yes'. my buddy asked him what's the best position which would befit him, and the reply was Chief Inflight Public Relations. i got excited when i heard that and so it was my turn to ask on the vacant positions available. but the reply was that he'll have to think about the best position which would suit me. can you imagine the excitement we were in when we had to hear all of this. and now to further proceed, we asked him to tell us more about his airline of which he said he would only cater for the high end traveller's and there would only be Osim seat's fitted in the whole of the aircarft. when i heard that, i nearly fell of the stool at that very mamak joint!. ok ok.. now the best part, we asked him where would the office be situated of which he replied it would be in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan and he is awaiting approval from the authorities. jus imagine all that excitment was shortlived when we met him the other day and upon enquiring, he asked us to hush on the matter.. what a blast of a good laughter me and my buddy had becaus we new it was the con for the year 2012.. cheers

  3. Seems like everyone is trying to outdo the airliners these days..welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing this story..


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