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Sunday, January 1, 2012

In Wonderment - 2012

And so the new year brought in by the stork came stealing in leaving a year behind to reminisce. I wonder if like me you have had an interesting last year..

I walked quite a bit in a daze wondering at the catastrophes throughout the year, the new diseases not yet discovered - as the discovered ones are still in the "find the antidote for it" situation, the value of money spiralling up and down in every currency bringing down superpowers economically with the layman feeling the pinch..and hey the death of the most wanted in the world...Osama bin Laden. I did not think I would live to see that day but as in the trial and balance of God's accounting..he is now tallied and is a number in the death department with a certificate I hope to prove it. You know like they say these days, there are networks and then they are networks. Like in the Al Qaeda network their cause was unjustified (apparently so - I haven't spoken to any of them personally but they would have a different version of course!)To have survived this long - they would have definitely had a thriving business locked in somewhere.
Personally I, who run a business have felt the crunch of the economy but then have survived the fall.  Have you thought what would transpire if  the much awaited New Earth is discovered? Would we have superpowers and the third world in it too?
How is it we are known as a third world? Interesting question don't you think..considering this Earth was blasted away from its original planet or asteroid and civilisation was born at the same instance scientifically that is.. or would we begin life with God appointing someone to oversee the seven days of creation or would He do it himself yet again. I for one and God if you are reading this say..just make man out of a woman's rib this time and just please have the seas and the mountains and add a couple of animals to it and then let there be night and day and see what happens..please? Now just as an after thought - we really need the sun which will control the night and day of course Lord so as to grow some vegetation .. and what would happen if the New Earth decided to be all vegetarian? So in that instance Lord, we need to have an age limit like for the fishes and the animals otherwise they might outlive the humans and would the animals be vegetarian then?? Gosh quite a lot of thought goes into making a world functionable!!!! Oh and can you also please let the men bear children this time? They somehow seem to have the better part of being a partner in the conception of another human.

Anyway, I hope this year the stork only brings in good tidings. A little worrisome though when you have prophetic predictions and unprophetic(?) predictions drumming the world's end this year in our very fragile ears..Fragile because after all the chaos that you have been listening  and witness to, our ears just want to take a break hearing bad news! And listen (any of you who care to of course) I am walking in this year only with my eyes wide open. My ears have taken a bashing of a lifetime and I tell you literally!

I have some places to travel to this year and my resolution is to be actually bothered about weather predictions in other countries! I am not going to leave that to chance for sure..its flooding these days all over the world..whatever happened to the ozone layer? Now that it is either raining or blizzards in cooler temperates, has the ozone layer benefitted from it. Do we still need to cut down on carbon transmissions and YES smoking? I had two cousins of mine visit a northern country and their trip was supposed to have been for 4 days and its now going on to the 6th and yep still there as they are caught up in the floods..

I am seriously thinking of going into the aviation industry..maybe buy an airplane or two with skeletal workers and then sort of get into the black in about a year after that flying just domestic first and maybe branch out into international ..start with being a budget airline and who knows..hmmm..pardon? Someone has already done that? Well yeah, heard about it ..making waves now that person - well who knows one can dream can't they?? Hell its 2012 and I WANT TO BE THE FIRST WOMAN to run an aviation industry - they say there's money in it..so now you know my other resolution - MAKE MONEY!!

So here's me wishing all of you a great, successful and a safe year ahead of you.  Life is all about taking chances and  making the best of it...and may lots of money fall from the sky for all of us..



  1. Once upon a time there was a little girl.
    All or most little girls want to have babies.
    All or most little girls would like to fly like Angels. Some grow up and think they still can. One day they will tend to their babies in a machine but I am not going to explain what happens before. Ask poodle from the outer world.

  2. Hiya CC, thanks for dropping by and guess what..poodle from the outer world would like to make little babies..:)

  3. Yes but he likes doing it in a white coat and with test tubes.

  4. LOL..sounds logical to me CC..

  5. Hi Shobana, tony here..still waiting for you to catch up with me about working with Air Asia as the person overseeing my publications & media coverage. Missed sitting in for your appointment with Adhzar..as always a great write, humorous and I would say "don't go into the aviation industry" but since you would be the first woman to venture into it, I'd say go right ahead...more importantly join me at the Air Asia set-up. Now who is this person again who is making waves in this industry - would I by any chance have met him..:)
    Love your work and am totally captivated by your poetry and am pretty sure you are pretty much the prettiest poet of all time too..
    Will make an appointment to see you one of these days and please keep that date open..I have quite a number of things to discuss with you.
    In the meantime take care and left you a note on your "A Girls Thing" write. tony fernandes.


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