Thursday, January 5, 2012

A journey courted by me...



In the mistiness of a summer rain, I took a walk along the edge of pain,
Taking with me a little of  a blissful strain of a languid need for a cup of gain
in my thoughts akin to a need of a release of endless chains cast upon a
an innocence untrained to a mind that need no explain to the sounds of


In the channels of a rain drenched day
lay the waters scented with flowered rays
of a dewy morning or evening come what may
awashed anew to eyes that await
clearer pathways to a bloom..



  1. So now you are baptised anew with scented flowers and morning dew.

  2. Seems so CC - thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Aha..caught up with you here as well, gorgeous poetry and I think you have captured a niche market in Malaysia..pretty much sure you are the best poet of all time. Left you a note on your "In Wonderment 2012" and "A Girls Thing". Keep that spirit going and come back to me as to when you can meet up with me. tony fernandes

    P/S: overseas at the moment, will be in touch by mail.

  4. Hi Tony and welcome to my blog..well a lot of us poets are in the running for the 1st place ..:) tell me how did you get me the top spot? Thanks for the vote anyway and do drop in anytime you want..


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