Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Pact

This time her thoughts took her to the days of old..
when the rising of the sun beckoned
an awakening of
prolific  visions
of disseminated tasks..

Each an adage to the duty ahead..

Some tumultous moments that led her
to the lessons chartered in days to come..

Masterfully chaptered in a book
it lay written in bold..

For the work of her hands would someday
be the threshold of God's gifts..
Two children had she with been blessed
and embraced with..
To take her on her worldly
ephemeral duty..
an oath of pledge to the vow
she made,
a God given chance
to mark the phenomenal
moments and tirelessly
ascend the mount
of triumph..

In her quiet

A sacred pact she made with her God once
she would someday have the life she dreamed of
when the sunrise ended in a sunset
of panorama,
victorious in her transition
towards a life owned..



  1. Well if that is what you want Shobana. I do not doubt that you will achieve some part of the scenario.

  2. Hiya CC, been trying to reply to your comment and hope this one goes thru..thanks so much for stopping by :)


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