Sunday, January 15, 2012

The rainbow after a storm of rain..

Would it be blue? she onced asked him..
clinging on to him on a piggy ride,
Her hair braided in pig tails
her careless spirit clinging on
to her carefree heart...

Further up the sky seemed to be smiling
a little flushed from the crimson of
its exuding..
He then lifted her up in the air
showing her the rainbow
that would someday
be a telling for her life
with much flair..

Red for the fiery spirit she lived
Green for the naiveity she represented
Violet for the flowered path she would
thread with much care

and yes, my child he said..

Blue it is, for Love builds
laughter ushering excitement in veins, for the love of her life
 would someday show it alive
just like the colors of the rainbow
after a storm of rain..

It was when she asked Him if Love was of the color blue..


1 comment:

  1. Nice poem Shobana but I always pulled pig tails but I think you would have sloshed me one. I always thought it was shiny white, but you are the expert.


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