Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sailing through with a smile..

She wondered at the simple things in life
How a smile imparts a
message of Friendship and Love

What of those of bickerings and quarrels
brought upon by Man
in his obtuse wisdom he is adjudged by his

She picks a little chapter from her life
where wisdom imparted with a smile
is often judged in the courts of infectious laughter..

Wisdom imparted with a smile ?
you may ask..
Its one where pride and freedom,
dignity and self reliance,
truth and harmony,
is left intact

Adjoined with a sense
of belonging
to the smile
you have for the other..

Learn to Listen for in listening first we have the last say...-shobana-


  1. Shobana I think you will have the last say even if you do not listen first. Sorry but it is a well known fact.

  2. However did you guess CC ?? LOL..that was cute!

  3. Good to read you after a long time--missed you on blogit. Happy new year!

  4. Hi Nita

    Good to see you here and miss you too. Happy New Year to you and Ashish and hope you are both doing fine.:)


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