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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When choices are not within our reach..

Life is about choices you say..
I am saying it's not!
Its what we pick from the
basket offered
  of the cradle we once
laid on.

what of those without a
chance to see through the window
of a just world..
where poverty derides his worth
or wealth diminishes his sight..

what of those who hunger for
love and is bereft if not
given a choice but
trail along the paths wide
and narrow living
a silent decree...

what of those who live forever
in chains bound by
the sons of the beasts
who seek the blood of
the innocent and 
abhors the Holy Grail...


what of those who wake to
a race, creed and color
chosen by the bond
of his precursor
and stumble upon
the hidden treasures
that are not within
his reach...



  1. Depends what one decides is a treasure.
    I don't know or I would tell you Shobana
    At a guess I would think it is decided by a few as in art. Probably by the majority as jewels and coinage. Of course by the romantic in illusion. By you as colored pebbles

  2. Hi CC - love the colored pebbles..that was great the way you said it and so right you are, all depends on what one sees as a treasure..


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