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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When Dates Coincide

And so the weekend where we had extra two days to gather our momentum of taking a break ended..work beckoned today -  25/1/2012 at 9.00am...
I don't know about you but sometimes its great to get back to work after a long holiday of sleeping in and practically being brain dead! Well, in my case I did see a light at the end of the tunnel when I did a bit of housework to keep me entertained..

Guess what, I love the horoscopes and predictions that come with the advent of the Chinese New  Year. Mine said that I would be pretty lucky this year and true enough I struck a small tidy sum at the numbers and decided to invest and have another go at it today - 25/1/2012!
Wish me luck>>>smiling here!

And I read albeit briefly about the solar storm that wrecked havoc with aviation and satellites marking one of worst storms to batter earth since 2005.
And here's what I feel about it..

the solar storm brought on the northern delights
Nasa's satellite away did it sway by a brush
The aviation industry was taken by a storm
where take-off and landings were decided by its occurence

Seven years apart before it caused a sensational debut
Perhaps marking the zenith of a new
war of the solar system in orbit..

The world may spin another tale in another seven years
but would it be partaken by us
who are here to revere it..

So since it showcased breathtaking beauty amidst the catastrophe and left many scientists
scrambling for safety..lol how about that? Anyway it is to be admired and at the same time alarmed.

And today 25/1/2012 which has really no special connotations or consequence to me except that I had to get back to work after a really long weekend has another six days to February - the month of St.Valentines..yeah!!!!!

So here's me telling you we have an interesting month ahead of us and let us just hope the year would be as interesting as the lights that showcased with the solar storm and be witnesses to more amazements and beauteous sightings..

Have a great week ahead of you although it is mid-week this day, 25/1/2012 and its only another two more days to another weekend :)



  1. I'll make a prediction. You will be a granny within ten years time. Within a hundred years time we shall look back on this. OH never mind you will only think of something amusing.

  2. Granny sounds really aged CC..I wonder where we'd be in a hundred years time??:)


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