Saturday, January 7, 2012

When rain became a potpourri

I hear the raindrops outside my window
a little wet, a little whistle the wind blows

I hear it say, go cuddle a pillow
wrap yourself in a blanket 
I'll tell
you a story so..

The clouds today - a little weepy
And me being rain,
a cold run
I vented
on a heated ground

Tears then splashed
from the cloud above
I was lifted high
above the ground level
into the air
and reached a status
 of crystal
diamond potpourri..



  1. Well I
    am not going to bore ee
    but I made a potporri
    From flowers that lingered with scent
    This is not a nice story I cuddled a pillow
    And waited to feel this event.

  2. Hiya CC, thanks for dropping by..I have a potporri made from scented flowers too..


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