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Monday, January 9, 2012

When the storm of thoughts collide..

The air so crisp, the autumn clings
to a season in a painted hill..
A footpath lingers till it
touches the hilt
of a charmed estate
so pray tell..

In a world of the nether
where the angels gather
does the charm of their voices
reach the ears of a distant

He walks the path where flowers
bloom and grow and endoweth
his step asunder...

In the world of the beauteous
does the scent of the fragrant
jasmine linger
when touched by lips
that quiver..

By the sound of the thunder
does the weather
breach its steadfast
ways and bringeth
hither the thoughts
of the wanderer
to sway in his
order of his wayward ways...

A breach of trust, the thoughts collide
someday a charmed one
will enter and hide
and find a proclamation
that the thunderous weather
exclaimeth and be it that it be
a storm doth come
his way..




  1. Well I am not going to walk further than the first four verses. It seems the best plan somehow.


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