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Friday, January 13, 2012

With a laden heart of wonder..

have you ever wondered at the vastness of the oceans
even the Earth seems bequeathed of its majesty
and it cowers at the strength of  its might...

have you thought as to why it covers the
portions of the earth delined by the book of Genesis...
waters of the Earth versus the crust..

Does man not live by bread alone but by the breath of the Lord
and the wisdom of His soul?

For who can tell the hour that the Lord comes
to relegate evil from good and good from evil..

For His Power and His Glory and His Might
takes charge of the humble and brings him to Glory...

she sits her down and listens to His story sometimes
and smiles for in her heart the tumults subsides...


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  1. We are very small as one drop in the ocean or one grain of sand or one star in the sky.


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