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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

King in a Paradise of Defiance

Somewhere in a countryside way down
where the riverside runs deep
where the valleys are numbered with printed flowers
where the snow capped mountains are seen
in the distant..
the evergreen speaks a lonely trail..
Meadows embark in a journey of silence
where no man treads its path in defiance.. 

Somewhere along the vision it entails
a lonely man's stride makes a trail
of sole footprints..
Walking the lonely path
where no man can reach or thrive
he embodies himself a thought..

If paradise lay unnumbered and desolate
as this..should I not
be a King in this Paradise
of Defiance?
Should I not carry my dagger
and preach the wild birds
and not hear their chatter
that their freedom I have curtailed?
Nor should I not know their
feeling of desolation and 
lay a bridge between
two kingdoms?

The lonely man talks the language
of one man for he does
not hear that it curtails much
freedom and that
man does not walk alone
and a lonely paradise
is akin to a land of
no beasts, no wild birds
 and no man

In desolation, one dies a lonely death - shobana


The Blazing Map to Eden

There's a garden in the far east of Eden, a little baby's breath, roses and violets blue
A passageway of white petalled roses strewn with leaves of green
centred in fine threads of shine..

In a vacuumous, cavenous surrounding
the inhabitants were angels and saints..
The entrance decked with arcs of green dew
with arched canopies of sunlight streaming through..

The stars give light and are dressed in silver
The stray of which forms a comet that falls within..
The apple tree stands bare and bears witness
of the law of God once summoned of
two mortal beings...

The rising sun, the setting dome
seen on oceans
set a blazing map to this garden of Eve...


Sunday, February 26, 2012

On doing things a little belatedly..

So last night I had an inkling today would be a drawn out day..and true to my inkling :( ..it was, at least the first half of the day! My daughter who would normally leave for the Uni after a weekend with us on Sundays had an assignment of 3,200 words to finish before the noon of today (Monday, 27/2 - 12.00 noon) and belatedly decided to stay on another day. Well,  she was given two weeks at least to finish it but then the thrill of last minute studying or even giving in an assignment at the last minute has always kept her on the go and she seems to derive some kind of fascination from it. It's like stepping on a hot stone and not burning yourself where she is concerned. She always somehow manages to finish it at the last minute, missing the hot stones!! Geez, and I - her mother of 22 years have always stressed the importance of getting things organized and done in bits and pieces and pieced together before due date and completed like a wall to wall jigsaw puzzle - making it a well thought out mission accomplished!. But then, just as I outgrew my rules and regulations that somehow did not stick with this daughter much as she had her own mind and ways to do things and none of which I disapprove except her sleeping during the day and keeping awake to do her studying in the nights - she had no qualms about the urgency of such matters - like time is of the essence. Though that - she seems to get by life living quite dangerously like that!! Imagine if you were stuck in a traffic jam and you had to make a 45 minute drive to your Uni and it is past 10.50am and you have to submit your assignment by 12.00 noon - would'nt you say that was dangerous living? Well of course we had our little spat when I took the longer route and it was 11.31am and she needed to get her work in before the appointed time but come 11.47am - I was there in front of the Uni with her and her assignment, heart beating irrationally, saying a little prayer that she will be able to submit it by 12.00 noon and quite frankly welcoming her piercing stare. Have you ever welcomed a piercing stare from an irate child?? I suggest you totally ignore the connotations of it and very simply move on..
Anyway, we made it and I got back into the slow lane on the way back to the office and it took me only about 1/2 hour. Sort of got me puzzled as to why when I was in a rush, the route seemed much longer and I sort of didn't have the extra time to admire the flowers by the road!! Gosh!
It really didn't matter that it took me at least four rounds by the block to get a parking space nor that two other cars zipped past me to get into the bays before me knowing fully well that I was waiting next in line for the specific parking bay which they had pinched and I nearly went home conjuring ways of trying to get off going into the office!. Well, c'est la vie!!
Well, it may be noted that Mondays always bring in the blues - well that is what they say or just try telling me what the rest of the cars behind me were doing trying to find parking bays just like moi!!.

Having said that, this is me telling you life is just a joke sometimes and it is up to us to take it seriously :) Have a great week ahead of you everyone and keep smiling!!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Caught in nature's exhibit

Silver lining on a grey day
sees her gaiety appear from no where...
For the trickling of tiny crystal drops of rain
plays a symbolic music
and drains her fears..
Spider Web and Water Droplets - Fine Art Photography Tips and Lessons - Visit www.FreePhotoCourse.com, all rights reserved

on trenches in muddied walkways..
She skips away her blues..

Alas, there it is - the silver lining..
She sees it within her grasp..
Laughing she breathes in the beauty
of the spidered image of a
wet diagram
blindfully engaged
in a knitted
ensemble of nature's



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Riverbed of Crossing

Just ahead lay a stream of gushing waters
pebbles waylaid by deep trenches
of sunken riverbeds..

The green of the leaves sometimes envelopes
the scenic glory
Sometimes they lay hidden in 
trees that are overgrown and vouch
itself an added sight for pleasure..
And sometimes they lay limp
their days of living an end in decay..

The rocks the stronghold akin the boulders of strength
A Riverbed of Crossing it marks itself out for men..
The hidden treasures of the deep unknown to some
and known to many as the re-creation
of undiscovered  landscape
found among the unraveled.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the Trenchcoat of her time

She pulls her coat a little closer 
the air adrift soft and a little freezing
A feeling of dejection fills her
matching the tired limbs that scours her bones..

The news of a change abounds in the
drift of the wind that blows towards her
sending her into a wistful attire..
Her troubles that lay open in the minds
of the valiant will languor no more
once she begins her sojourn..

In the trenchcoat of her time
she hurls a past of misfortune..
for the outlook of the sun
will soon outshine the passages
of consternation of drudges..


Monday, February 20, 2012

We and Not I

Sometimes the past holds what the future would summarize for us - a distant summation, here meaning the future, of varied experiences that may sometimes be begrudging or even bring on a positive change for the better. I have seen people of much riches in the past and in riches I mean not only in wealth but with the whole package of having a silver spoon in their mouths succumb to the pressures of modern day lives and are now in the present a broken set of people. I thought of life and how it had been for me for the longest time and in doing that I came up with this poem :-

I lived once embracing a spirit of carefree
Careless ambitions rode the storm of my sky
Laughter once ruled every time I turned a blind eye
to the many misgivings I went through that life..

I live now not for me but for the "we"
Embracing and clutching the little hugs that I receive
I smile at much of what I have said in glee
Every morning bringing with it a new degree....

I have none but me to please and that's a lie
Something many would want selfishly greedy full of pride
How wrong they assume that life is nothing but an "I"
Cause as I walk through it I find there are others
that live just as I..


As I summed up this poem that said a little of me, I realized that through the times of my loneliness there was much I learned and am now just so free.. and someday I shall be the poet of my dreams and in my journey I hope you will be nourished truly and regard me a true friend to read. Hope you like it (for all my loyal readers that I see in my statistics) - shobana.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Would it that Buying Insurance Pays..

So it was quite a surprise to me when I discovered that my blogs are making some kind of headway into the the readership of minds interested in poetic skills. I am surprised..very much so with the scope of readers from the different parts of the globe..and I would like to welcome them and am truly excited to meet their expectations as a writer.

Thinking of this, I went over to the hospital this morning to collect my medication for a meagre ailment that promises to go away sometime within the next few months with regular intake and I sort of thought about what someone said of the people that visit the hospitals - they are from all walks of life!. How true when you see the difference between you and those indiposed through various ailments. Which brings me to the question - how old is old enough when you are regarded an invalid to life's many different conspiracies against you? Like illnesses for instance - isn't is a conspiracy against your grain of being by making you an invalid at the most exact time that you want to take life easy and reap the benefits of your toil all through the years beforehand?

My girls thankfully have insurance just in case they are in need of medical care. How many of us have really taken up medical health insurance to help us in times of our need basically because we take it for granted that none of the fatal illnesses can be incurred by us at any given age? I think the way life handles us and not the other way round these days - we are helpless without some form of insurance. Insurance taken on life, a joint partnership between the insurer and the life concerned is a long standing relationship and one I think that would only benefit the next of kin. Simply put this is what I derive at - Insurance is a non-conformity of dreaded disesases and an endless expense to the what-ifs. A policy of taking the bull by the horns in a manner of speaking and making sure you are the matador not attacked by the bull. Does this make senses?? I hope so.

Anyway, my morning summed up pretty nicely when it sort of drizzled my feelings of sympathy away and I set off back to the office with my medication, happy that I have all my limbs and what not in order and looking variably human!! I dread to think of myself in any other way!

Here's wishing all of us have a very healthy attitude in mind and body - love conjures up all kinds of feelings including sympathy and also hoping that everyone will have a great week ahead of you.
Oh and did I tell you I cut my hair? - Its kinda short considering I have always had it long meaning below my shoulders and now it is a notch above my shoulders..

Looking spiffy, here's me shobana wishing all of you an insurance free life :)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Voice of the Lord in an Uprising

The reflection of the Koi amid the crystal clear waters
added a luxury to the surrounding
of lush vegetation sprinkled among
the rocks of steady waters a gushing..
The sound pleasing to her senses
likened to the Voice of the Lord in an Uprising..
soft, sensuous and stilling..

She see herself tip-toeing down
the step like projections of solid
earthware made of stones..

The chill of the water in make believe
touches the outline of her feet
making her tremble in the strength
of its feel..

Sliding down her feet, they resemble
a stream of cacophony of mesmerizing
waters of living dream..
Cool to the eyes and touch
they capture her momentous dizzying
rapture of waters of spring..


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Pallet of the Colorless Sky

On a quiet day did I drive one fine day
The roads empty save for a few like me
Further up I could see the entrance of the sun
Paving its way into the peacefulness of the sky..

I wondered if I could just reach for the sky
and blend the colors so it just runs dry
painted in volumes of the sunrise as would I
take a pallet of blue and smudge it with an orange dye..

The sun that slides up into the volumes of the sky
Picked a day that was quiet just as I
Brightening sparks and rays that passers-by
stare in amaze and gaze with an angled eye..

I would that someday I could reach up the sky
and share the gaeity of the sunrise
painting colors that cool the planets eye
and reach the corners un-painted
just as I
that painters proclaim as a
colorless sky..


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunset Silhouette

I don't know if you have ever seen a sunset
The way I have - many times before
Either going down a mountain or
by the outline of the sea

I always wondered why the colors blend
bringing on dusk with a different view
Dusk being the entrance to another time zone.
I wondered if the earth wasn't a circle
but a square, if I could just walk towards the sunset
and touch it before it goes down
Somewhere below in the earth's hemisphere

And I imagine that from where you stand
you would see the outline of a shadow
which would be me and I would be known
by painters as the Sunset Silhouette.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Of Clowns and the Need for Laughter

There was a bunch of do gooders
who mingled within their confines
and came up with this reason
that laughter is just fine..

On a day when they were overcome with blues,
their kingpin left stranded,
they left their station
and decided to play goose..

Goosey Goosey Gander, said one
Where shall I wander?
Well, we have the upstairs
for sleeping said a friend
and the downstairs for games..

I shall be in the sleeping chamber said one
and you cook me some carrots
for when the kingpin arrives
we shall wave him those carrots
and tell him an anecdote to fill his tummy
How the goose left the station
when the boss was not around
and the job was seen undone
and stalled.

the need for laughter
for some
may invoke hysterics
and smiles..
while the
the tummy sommersaults
with undigested carrots..

Just as a politician waves a carrot
to the masses of hysterics
His smile of cynics is incarcerated 
by the undigested rhetoric jargon
of empty promises.. 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Of the Paradox of Beauty

What is beauty for one but the gifted endowed
A variation of fixtures perfected for the beholder
who neither shares nor is satisfied..
Staring wonderously, flawless he sees
with each glance..

Stealing each moment with love
enshrined in each moment of tide
where love overcomes the overflow
of emotions unbenign..

Love, the vision embraces with much suppress
the multitude of reckless abbrasions
that one would avoid
if indeed it be devoid
of misunderstanding and misconduct..

Of a jealous man the heart fulfills a vow
A discerning factor in his
overrule of his woman..
Neither a friend nor a foe he remains sometimes
O woe to jealousy and its kin
of negates..

Love so pure would be found in you
whom I seek
For now your say attracts the
viles of a human mind..
Your looks to me as beholder
I stand awed..
Woe to those who plunder thee
for to you I assign my consign..


Happy Valentines Day EveryOne..
Man's hand holding a red rose on white background Stock Photo - 671757

Where do the Sunflowers Grow...

The twigs cracked at the weight of her feet
a little one escaped the saddles on her feet
She took a step forward and picked one up
She walked a few steps forward and
picked another up..

The twigs after her picking grew in numbers of three
and she rared ahead wondering where the sunflowers grew..
The campfire awaits but her thoughts were adrift..
Where O where, where O where do the sunflowers grow?

On this day where the sunlight's ray beat on the growth
and brought on distant smiles that the sunflowers show..

Where O where, where O where do the sunflowers grow?
Its further east away from the campfires glow..

Where O where, where O where do the sunflowers grow
The campfires await  the twigs to light up a show..


Friday, February 10, 2012

"I want to be a Billionaire"

So I was thinking about this song " I want to be a Billionnaire" and the singer wanted to be one really badly. Listening to it will get anyone into the mood for a sizeable bank account..Gosh the things you can do with it. I mean, I don't know - I just don't know what I would do with a billion dollars other than charity for the extras that I might have. Not that I am overly generous but listen, a million or two I can account for.Like get my kids a house each (which triggers my thoughts to the direction that "children these days are so spoilt for chance, money, investments, etc) - so exactly how do they learn to do things on their own and call it their success or even their own money - I don't know!, get them a car - probably the latest model of a continental make which breeds prestige here..well then maybe I shall get them some jewellery - diamonds perhaps and then what shall I do - Ah, yes I can redecorate the whole house, quit my job, get my kids to quit theirs - so that leaves us with the question - should they pursue their education? And if so, would they one day regret it? Or perhaps would they be charitable and do some form of volunteer work for the United Nations perhaps?? I don't know - after the last count, there still seemed to be a sizeable sum left!!

So I thought, we can sort of make the banks rich by depositing it in their possession and what do they do in return. You got it - they invest your money as theirs, make money or lose it in whatever investment they subjected themselves to and if in case they made a sizeable gain - it goes towards the welfare of the country somehow and they pay you a paltry sum as interest and get great big bonuses for their whole ensemble. Which in turn helps out the government in a way as their needs are also met as anyone can take out a loan and pay interest towards it - the borrowers are happy as are the lenders. The more the borrowers, the more credit cards are approved, the more spending money we have as a nation and who cares if there is any bankruptcy involved in the end. I wonder is this a win-win situation? And all this just thinking about that song!!And let me tell you, if a poor man, a real needy one goes to the bank for some money without collateral, by jeeves - that would be the mistake of his life! He would be totally ignored pertaining to his situation that is, sized up and down based on his appearance and the brand of the wallet he carries and given a royal NO with some polished English and told of the rules and regulations of the bank. So this brings me to wonder - exactly who does a bank support in terms of monetary value, in terms of lending the money we deposit with them. I'm sure the poor man would have had the investment links they have to offer way, way out of his wildest imagination. All he would have wanted was a RM5,000/- loan to perhaps educate his child or start a small business. But given that too I feel it would have ripped him off some as he would have to pay maybe RM9,800/- at the end of the loan tenure. Now is he worth giving a loan to?? What say? Of course it goes without saying that there are options for these borrowers to become defaulters! I don't know - a billion dollars unless you are Tony Fernandes (talking about a Malaysian entrepreneur and there are many here like him I assure you) who can buy over a football club and his Formula 1 Caterham, invest worldwide on futures and stuff like that and the last I heard he was opening a car manufacturing company, I just don't know what to do with a Billion dollars. And I totally refuse to deposit it into a Swiss Bank Account!! So there!!

And just so you know, my early morning prayers before I go to work is to be a millionnaire!! Well, that is basically because I run a small business...LOL. I wonder what God would say really..anyway I spelt it out for him like I have this and that to pay for and please Lord DO NOT let me be a defaulter! I shall leave it in the hands of the Lord like I always do and may the million I make - just let me be me. I don't know..but people change after their first million!:)

So here's me wishing all of you a great weekend ahead of you. Friday beckons and may you rethink your chances of making the billion dollars - I say stick with the millions!Gosh!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the boundary of victory

Enveloped in a cloud of despair
she takes her stand..
escape her intention
her disillusioned aggrieved
emotions bereft of feeling..

In the consoles of a human mind
does it ever occur that emotions can bind
and take control?

In the tales of age past told
wasn't there one who shook the world
and staged a life in glare?

Wielding a shield that needs repair
her console in the sword she buries
deep within her soul,
She directs her path
towards a stormy ride
tearing past the demons
that lunge
and are struck in retaliance..

The vanished valor
a colorless aggressor
and a darkened spirit

the vanquished her victor..


Embracing the Silence of the Night

The silence of the night
 the wistfullness of the sighs
of  lilies dancing
the gardens she walks by..
sends a tremor..
a trepidation..
of seeing, feeling
the solitary
 whispers of the night..

Against the willows
of age old trees standing against
the shadows that cover
her steps wandering
waiting to summarily
enter the
timeless zone
where bells doth toll..

Farther away she moves
stealthily leaving stones upturned
wishing the wildflowers and grass of meadows
with watchful eyes doth
embrace the silence of the night
 as doth she...


Sunday, February 5, 2012

The times when sorrows trail...

this day
brought me a lot of possibilities...
this day
the endless seem a notch away...
hidden in storms
sorrows seeding through..

laughter astounds me sometimes
when I see the cries oft heard  and spoken about
the ravishes of life gets me by
sometimes gets me feeling low
and sometimes it fades
the scars of old
renewing its hold on me..

this day
seems longer than yesterday
and seeks my attention in simple ways
like a look in its direction...
or maybe lost in its senseless
tailing of me..


Friday, February 3, 2012

When Green is the Way..

I thought green would be my theme for a written work today..It says a lot for the serenity of its color scheme.
Green - the color of the earth seen through microscopic lenses / eyes of the inquisitive and the only jarring note in that color would be that it represents jealousy..what say?

I was somewhat Green in my perspective of things until my inquisitiveness took hold of the better of me and today I see myself as an overcomer of the "Green Syndrome".
At what age does a girl (and here I speak on behalf of girls growing into adulthood) overcome their greenish attire? Like for instance her thoughts on boys for instance? How green does a green girl have to be before she is given the index of maturity - shall we say the color yellow like in ripe with a ripened view?

When I was 16 I thought a lot of how my life would evolve into, the kind of a guy I would someday meet and marry, the career I would be transfixed in and most importantly the kind of a person I would turn out to be....
Each question had a different answer and after years of evolution (in this case me..) I am now in the brink of trying to understand why nothing I dreamt of then turned out the way I wanted it to..I am in a totally different
spectre of circumstance. My job is definitely not what I dreamt I would be entailed with - the greeness of my life supposedly to be evergreen has not been spared the scarity of watered endeavors making it wholesomely
fresh and spritely and the lists of my groaning can go on and on..Do I regret the way I have turned out to be - Personably - No...I am quite happy with my ingrained habits and attitude towards people and life in general.
At 16 my thoughts were so insurmountably fresh and I can only conclude that experience gained is what makes a person - a truly seasoned one in all aspects of life..

I remember my trip to Cuba with my daughter..She obtained a scholarship to do medicine under the Cuban Government. I remember her sleeping on my shoulders on the airplane and thinking how things would turn out for her and if she would be able to cope with the intensity of her chosen career and would she be somewhat like me - taken in a different direction. I know I prayed fervently and promised to do all I can in my capacity to make sure her dreams came true. When we enlisted her at the University of Havana for her stay there - she became an adult overnight. Her maturity in accepting the circumstances there and her determination to succeed could be seen at the way she conducted herself amongst her peers. How green was she before she left for Cuba - truly as green as green should be and now a total leader in her chosen path.. 
A real pride to me..well she sent me a note today and I guess I miss her presence here..still green where my feelings for my girls are concerned!

Well the earth is crying out for its greeness that is being ravaged by unscrupulous money spinning commodores of the world. The color slowly taken off the landscape of the earth eroding and left as scarce and neglected. Let's join together in fighting the erosion of this beautiful world..with scientists researching new technologies and coming up with new discoveries - may there be one who finds the equality of substituting one tree that has lived a hundred years with something that can be sprung up and used to make these commodores rich by another means..

Here's me wishing everyone a great weekend ahead of you..let the light of the sunrise reach the shores of the earth and sprout sapplings of the green of the earth..

Have a Happy Green weekend everyone..


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Gentle..

The gentleness of the breeze
cut through the heart of a leaf
signalling an oncoming
fall of layers
that touch feet..

Have you ever wondered at the
gentleness of the breeze
as it plays with tendrils
of locks escaped from
the knot of a braid?

How its wisps past each tendril
with such gentleness
and kisses each cheek
and brings on a rosey
on flushed cheeks.

The gentleness of the breeze
sets in motion the colors
on red cheeks,
touches the heart of a leaf
fallen and on trees,
making itself known
by the coolness of its breath
and whispers little secrets
that none hears
and can reflect...


Goddess of Song

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