Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Blazing Map to Eden

There's a garden in the far east of Eden, a little baby's breath, roses and violets blue
A passageway of white petalled roses strewn with leaves of green
centred in fine threads of shine..

In a vacuumous, cavenous surrounding
the inhabitants were angels and saints..
The entrance decked with arcs of green dew
with arched canopies of sunlight streaming through..

The stars give light and are dressed in silver
The stray of which forms a comet that falls within..
The apple tree stands bare and bears witness
of the law of God once summoned of
two mortal beings...

The rising sun, the setting dome
seen on oceans
set a blazing map to this garden of Eve...



  1. Shobana, my friend Tim says that this is one of your very best poems - the imagery is so captivating and sends us into the realms of God's Kingdom. Very impressive work here - tony. (Pls see latest question)

    1. Hi tony, Thank you to Tim, might it be Tim Prabhakar? Anyway, I'm glad the both of you found it impressive..like I said every now and then God gives me little bits and pieces of his Kingdom's imagery which brings me to the question - Are we all not in his Kingdom?? Food for thought there :)Will do on the question and thanks for stopping by - shobana

  2. Shobana!

    Thank You! My mother in law passed on (to The Garden of Eden?!!!!)Febuary 15th.,2012.
    The 16th., Day prayers are tomorrow(01.03.2012).
    How well timed that this piece appeared.
    Would you mind if I read this piece out aloud & have it printed & distributed at the prayers in the evening(acknowledging the authoress, naturally?

  3. Hello Mr Jeya,

    My condolences to you and your family and thank you for reading and yes you may have this poem printed and distributed at her 16th day prayer. Am humbled by your gesture - shobana


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