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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Embracing the Silence of the Night

The silence of the night
 the wistfullness of the sighs
of  lilies dancing
the gardens she walks by..
sends a tremor..
a trepidation..
of seeing, feeling
the solitary
 whispers of the night..

Against the willows
of age old trees standing against
the shadows that cover
her steps wandering
waiting to summarily
enter the
timeless zone
where bells doth toll..

Farther away she moves
stealthily leaving stones upturned
wishing the wildflowers and grass of meadows
with watchful eyes doth
embrace the silence of the night
 as doth she...



  1. Like this one Shobana,a bit of mystery and sweetness combined Well done,

    1. Hiya CC, my dear friend. heard about the cold in the UK. will be sending you an email soon. Take Care and I hope you are not too affected by the weather.

  2. I am going to use blue to match the sky, do you think I should have designer glasses, I want to impress, well I am silly an Angel, Doris

    1. Think you definitely should have those designer glasses Doris.


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