Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Gentle..

The gentleness of the breeze
cut through the heart of a leaf
signalling an oncoming
fall of layers
that touch feet..

Have you ever wondered at the
gentleness of the breeze
as it plays with tendrils
of locks escaped from
the knot of a braid?

How its wisps past each tendril
with such gentleness
and kisses each cheek
and brings on a rosey
on flushed cheeks.

The gentleness of the breeze
sets in motion the colors
on red cheeks,
touches the heart of a leaf
fallen and on trees,
making itself known
by the coolness of its breath
and whispers little secrets
that none hears
and can reflect...



  1. Hi Stanis - hey thanks for the notes on my fb..caught you there and opened an activity just for you. Don't usually reply to comments there.
    Loved this poem of yours and keep up the good work. Will be in touch soon - busy with the F1 next - tony


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