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Friday, February 10, 2012

"I want to be a Billionaire"

So I was thinking about this song " I want to be a Billionnaire" and the singer wanted to be one really badly. Listening to it will get anyone into the mood for a sizeable bank account..Gosh the things you can do with it. I mean, I don't know - I just don't know what I would do with a billion dollars other than charity for the extras that I might have. Not that I am overly generous but listen, a million or two I can account for.Like get my kids a house each (which triggers my thoughts to the direction that "children these days are so spoilt for chance, money, investments, etc) - so exactly how do they learn to do things on their own and call it their success or even their own money - I don't know!, get them a car - probably the latest model of a continental make which breeds prestige here..well then maybe I shall get them some jewellery - diamonds perhaps and then what shall I do - Ah, yes I can redecorate the whole house, quit my job, get my kids to quit theirs - so that leaves us with the question - should they pursue their education? And if so, would they one day regret it? Or perhaps would they be charitable and do some form of volunteer work for the United Nations perhaps?? I don't know - after the last count, there still seemed to be a sizeable sum left!!

So I thought, we can sort of make the banks rich by depositing it in their possession and what do they do in return. You got it - they invest your money as theirs, make money or lose it in whatever investment they subjected themselves to and if in case they made a sizeable gain - it goes towards the welfare of the country somehow and they pay you a paltry sum as interest and get great big bonuses for their whole ensemble. Which in turn helps out the government in a way as their needs are also met as anyone can take out a loan and pay interest towards it - the borrowers are happy as are the lenders. The more the borrowers, the more credit cards are approved, the more spending money we have as a nation and who cares if there is any bankruptcy involved in the end. I wonder is this a win-win situation? And all this just thinking about that song!!And let me tell you, if a poor man, a real needy one goes to the bank for some money without collateral, by jeeves - that would be the mistake of his life! He would be totally ignored pertaining to his situation that is, sized up and down based on his appearance and the brand of the wallet he carries and given a royal NO with some polished English and told of the rules and regulations of the bank. So this brings me to wonder - exactly who does a bank support in terms of monetary value, in terms of lending the money we deposit with them. I'm sure the poor man would have had the investment links they have to offer way, way out of his wildest imagination. All he would have wanted was a RM5,000/- loan to perhaps educate his child or start a small business. But given that too I feel it would have ripped him off some as he would have to pay maybe RM9,800/- at the end of the loan tenure. Now is he worth giving a loan to?? What say? Of course it goes without saying that there are options for these borrowers to become defaulters! I don't know - a billion dollars unless you are Tony Fernandes (talking about a Malaysian entrepreneur and there are many here like him I assure you) who can buy over a football club and his Formula 1 Caterham, invest worldwide on futures and stuff like that and the last I heard he was opening a car manufacturing company, I just don't know what to do with a Billion dollars. And I totally refuse to deposit it into a Swiss Bank Account!! So there!!

And just so you know, my early morning prayers before I go to work is to be a millionnaire!! Well, that is basically because I run a small business...LOL. I wonder what God would say really..anyway I spelt it out for him like I have this and that to pay for and please Lord DO NOT let me be a defaulter! I shall leave it in the hands of the Lord like I always do and may the million I make - just let me be me. I don't know..but people change after their first million!:)

So here's me wishing all of you a great weekend ahead of you. Friday beckons and may you rethink your chances of making the billion dollars - I say stick with the millions!Gosh!!



  1. If I has as much money as I could telI I never would cry. 'Old clothes to sell. Want a Nighty? MA'AM.

  2. Hi Shobana - tony here, well that is some write up. Being on the Forbes magazine was my dream at some point of time and I achieved that but as you say too much money at hand does have its disadvantages. I laughed out loud after reading this write of yours and wish you had joined my team of magazine writers when we first started. Where have you been hiding yourself?? Take care and we'll catch up soon - tony.

  3. I have not really been hiding myself tony, been around for the most part of my life getting things organized with work and at the homefront..only just started writing the past 5 years or so..take care too, thanks for the comment and we will catch up soon for sure..

  4. It's weird how the idea of money can change a person. No wait, strike that. 'IT'S AMAZING" how the idea of earning big bucks can change a person. Or the idea of someone else's wealth significantly reprimanding more respect from others. Nonetheless doesn't make it wrong, or right for that matter. At the end of the day, I wonder whether the priority lies with us deliberately trying to help each other out for a living, or to strive for our own success. Predicament much? :)

  5. Hi sayang, at the end of the day what works is that you have the money to do the things that would somehow make you happy with living life the way it should be lived - with wealth, health and spirituality. Mumzie.


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