Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the Trenchcoat of her time

She pulls her coat a little closer 
the air adrift soft and a little freezing
A feeling of dejection fills her
matching the tired limbs that scours her bones..

The news of a change abounds in the
drift of the wind that blows towards her
sending her into a wistful attire..
Her troubles that lay open in the minds
of the valiant will languor no more
once she begins her sojourn..

In the trenchcoat of her time
she hurls a past of misfortune..
for the outlook of the sun
will soon outshine the passages
of consternation of drudges..



  1. This "she" you talk of shobana - is it based on someone you know or is it detailing your personal experience and hi - tony.

  2. It is wonderful what one asprin will do Shobana.
    An interesting poem.

    1. Hi Cc - in this I do really think an aspirin will do. Thank you so much for stopping by :)

  3. Hi Shobana, hope you read this in time, would appreciate if you could send in the lyrics to me by noon tomorrow at the LCCT. You can pass it to Jacky my secretary. I will be video conferencing my friend as I told you in the afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed - tony.

    1. Hi tony, just read your comment. Apologize but unable to send in the lyrics today - can I do it by courier and you will receive it in a day. I am keeping my fingers crossed :) and pertaining to your question - yes and no. Sometimes I put forward my poem in a third character so that it has a story behind it. Personal experience have their days in my poetry..:) - shobana.


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