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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

King in a Paradise of Defiance

Somewhere in a countryside way down
where the riverside runs deep
where the valleys are numbered with printed flowers
where the snow capped mountains are seen
in the distant..
the evergreen speaks a lonely trail..
Meadows embark in a journey of silence
where no man treads its path in defiance.. 

Somewhere along the vision it entails
a lonely man's stride makes a trail
of sole footprints..
Walking the lonely path
where no man can reach or thrive
he embodies himself a thought..

If paradise lay unnumbered and desolate
as this..should I not
be a King in this Paradise
of Defiance?
Should I not carry my dagger
and preach the wild birds
and not hear their chatter
that their freedom I have curtailed?
Nor should I not know their
feeling of desolation and 
lay a bridge between
two kingdoms?

The lonely man talks the language
of one man for he does
not hear that it curtails much
freedom and that
man does not walk alone
and a lonely paradise
is akin to a land of
no beasts, no wild birds
 and no man

In desolation, one dies a lonely death - shobana



  1. Shobana, where in the world did you ever study? Your poems are full of wisdom and courage takes a hold of your themes. Fantastic and I loved how you listed out "man does not walk alone, but in twos or maybe fours" pertaining to humankind and beasts alike. Great job and as always make time for my question - tony

  2. Hi Tony, most of my schooling with the exception of 2 years was in christian mission schools - convents to be exact. Thank you for the compliment and yes will look into your question - shobana


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