Monday, February 13, 2012

Of Clowns and the Need for Laughter

There was a bunch of do gooders
who mingled within their confines
and came up with this reason
that laughter is just fine..

On a day when they were overcome with blues,
their kingpin left stranded,
they left their station
and decided to play goose..

Goosey Goosey Gander, said one
Where shall I wander?
Well, we have the upstairs
for sleeping said a friend
and the downstairs for games..

I shall be in the sleeping chamber said one
and you cook me some carrots
for when the kingpin arrives
we shall wave him those carrots
and tell him an anecdote to fill his tummy
How the goose left the station
when the boss was not around
and the job was seen undone
and stalled.

the need for laughter
for some
may invoke hysterics
and smiles..
while the
the tummy sommersaults
with undigested carrots..

Just as a politician waves a carrot
to the masses of hysterics
His smile of cynics is incarcerated 
by the undigested rhetoric jargon
of empty promises.. 



  1. Lo Shobana, did you know that Goosey Gander had a religious connectivity. Most nursery rhymes were derived from something miserable.I was just going to eat my raw carrot for breakfast ,but on hearing the news and reading your poem. The thought of all those pieces of
    indigested carrot sploshing around in battery acid rather induced me to just drink coffee. I have dismissed my handyman he was becoming familiar. Doris

    1. I am sure you a a bit of a beta carotene enthusiast - eating carrots for breakfast would probably do what an apple a day does..
      thanks for the visit Doris.

  2. Hi Shobana, took a quick look at your entry today and couldn't help wonder at your imagination. I am trying out a few things and I was wondering why my blog does not add my photo when I comment on your entry..any idea? Anyway, that was some shot at politicians and I liked the idea of you incorporating a nursery rhyme to it..Like I told you I'm on a spree flying here and there getting out projects organized for the year. Speak to you soon - tony.

  3. Hi tony, absolutely no idea how to incorporate your photo into your comments...a bit of a zero on technical matters..LOL. Anyway, have a good trip and good luck with your new projects - Hope you can get your photo sorted out..thanks so much for your comment tony.


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