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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Of the Paradox of Beauty

What is beauty for one but the gifted endowed
A variation of fixtures perfected for the beholder
who neither shares nor is satisfied..
Staring wonderously, flawless he sees
with each glance..

Stealing each moment with love
enshrined in each moment of tide
where love overcomes the overflow
of emotions unbenign..

Love, the vision embraces with much suppress
the multitude of reckless abbrasions
that one would avoid
if indeed it be devoid
of misunderstanding and misconduct..

Of a jealous man the heart fulfills a vow
A discerning factor in his
overrule of his woman..
Neither a friend nor a foe he remains sometimes
O woe to jealousy and its kin
of negates..

Love so pure would be found in you
whom I seek
For now your say attracts the
viles of a human mind..
Your looks to me as beholder
I stand awed..
Woe to those who plunder thee
for to you I assign my consign..


Happy Valentines Day EveryOne..
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  1. Shobana, I am sitting at my desk at the LCCT and going through your work and this one is most definitely one of your best poems ever. It is totally and irrevocably remarkable in its chosen word and script. I am totally ambushed by it. I am considering putting a desk right next to me and both of us work on writing songs and publishing your works as this reminds me of my first love which is music - very inspiring to say the least and most of all Happy Valentine's Day to you too - tony.

  2. Hi tony, Happy Valentine's Day to you too - well I don't know about the desk right next to you .. how about maybe a room just for me?? prefer the quiet..:) kidding. thank you for the compliment and let's see how it goes!!


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