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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the boundary of victory

Enveloped in a cloud of despair
she takes her stand..
escape her intention
her disillusioned aggrieved
emotions bereft of feeling..

In the consoles of a human mind
does it ever occur that emotions can bind
and take control?

In the tales of age past told
wasn't there one who shook the world
and staged a life in glare?

Wielding a shield that needs repair
her console in the sword she buries
deep within her soul,
She directs her path
towards a stormy ride
tearing past the demons
that lunge
and are struck in retaliance..

The vanished valor
a colorless aggressor
and a darkened spirit

the vanquished her victor..



  1. This sounds so sad Shobana,it made me feel as though you were drinking frothy coffee and crying into that beverage.

  2. Are you sad today dear, I feel like that sometimes. I think it may be the moon it pulls the ocean etc. Anyway I feel like 50 dollars with my new glasses and trendy nails, Are you into toe nails? Sorry to be personal, Doris

  3. Hi CC, I thought of some neanderthals struggling to vanquish villians and wrote this one out..:) Are you Doris too??

  4. No, she must have jumped on my site. You will be saying I am Jacky next.

  5. Sorry Chiff I thought anyone could use it, I tried Doris, I was after beauty tips.


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