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Sunday, February 26, 2012

On doing things a little belatedly..

So last night I had an inkling today would be a drawn out day..and true to my inkling :( ..it was, at least the first half of the day! My daughter who would normally leave for the Uni after a weekend with us on Sundays had an assignment of 3,200 words to finish before the noon of today (Monday, 27/2 - 12.00 noon) and belatedly decided to stay on another day. Well,  she was given two weeks at least to finish it but then the thrill of last minute studying or even giving in an assignment at the last minute has always kept her on the go and she seems to derive some kind of fascination from it. It's like stepping on a hot stone and not burning yourself where she is concerned. She always somehow manages to finish it at the last minute, missing the hot stones!! Geez, and I - her mother of 22 years have always stressed the importance of getting things organized and done in bits and pieces and pieced together before due date and completed like a wall to wall jigsaw puzzle - making it a well thought out mission accomplished!. But then, just as I outgrew my rules and regulations that somehow did not stick with this daughter much as she had her own mind and ways to do things and none of which I disapprove except her sleeping during the day and keeping awake to do her studying in the nights - she had no qualms about the urgency of such matters - like time is of the essence. Though that - she seems to get by life living quite dangerously like that!! Imagine if you were stuck in a traffic jam and you had to make a 45 minute drive to your Uni and it is past 10.50am and you have to submit your assignment by 12.00 noon - would'nt you say that was dangerous living? Well of course we had our little spat when I took the longer route and it was 11.31am and she needed to get her work in before the appointed time but come 11.47am - I was there in front of the Uni with her and her assignment, heart beating irrationally, saying a little prayer that she will be able to submit it by 12.00 noon and quite frankly welcoming her piercing stare. Have you ever welcomed a piercing stare from an irate child?? I suggest you totally ignore the connotations of it and very simply move on..
Anyway, we made it and I got back into the slow lane on the way back to the office and it took me only about 1/2 hour. Sort of got me puzzled as to why when I was in a rush, the route seemed much longer and I sort of didn't have the extra time to admire the flowers by the road!! Gosh!
It really didn't matter that it took me at least four rounds by the block to get a parking space nor that two other cars zipped past me to get into the bays before me knowing fully well that I was waiting next in line for the specific parking bay which they had pinched and I nearly went home conjuring ways of trying to get off going into the office!. Well, c'est la vie!!
Well, it may be noted that Mondays always bring in the blues - well that is what they say or just try telling me what the rest of the cars behind me were doing trying to find parking bays just like moi!!.

Having said that, this is me telling you life is just a joke sometimes and it is up to us to take it seriously :) Have a great week ahead of you everyone and keep smiling!!



  1. Hi Shobana, how are you? I am now in London and its morning here, just getting my cup of coffee organized and couldn't help but smile at your rambling today - that is what you call your weekly writes-rambling right? Anyway, I am very happy to know that your daughter made the deadline! My kids are just the same so don't be too hard on yours!. I am in the process of getting my interview going with the Asian Apprentice which is in the evening today so wish me luck. I have written out a question so please do the needful - see you soon - tony.

  2. Hi tony, am fine here thank you and what better than to have a hot cup of coffee in the morning! Glad my rambling brought on a smile tony and yes my little write ups are known as rambling - I just ramble on about one thing or another..:) I wish you loads of luck with the Asian Apprentice filming and I know you will do us Malaysians proud. Will reply to your question and take care tony. Thank you for stopping by.


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