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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Riverbed of Crossing

Just ahead lay a stream of gushing waters
pebbles waylaid by deep trenches
of sunken riverbeds..

The green of the leaves sometimes envelopes
the scenic glory
Sometimes they lay hidden in 
trees that are overgrown and vouch
itself an added sight for pleasure..
And sometimes they lay limp
their days of living an end in decay..

The rocks the stronghold akin the boulders of strength
A Riverbed of Crossing it marks itself out for men..
The hidden treasures of the deep unknown to some
and known to many as the re-creation
of undiscovered  landscape
found among the unraveled.



  1. Hi Shobana, fantastic, simply magnificent - for sure the Good Lord is speaking to you through your poetry. This is mesmerizing and just caught a sigh in my throat.
    Read your comment - waited for the copy and knew you hadn't read my comment yet - so yes, courier it to me asap - tony.

    1. Hi Tony, for sure He is but He goes missing every now and then..:-) the Good Lord I mean. Anyway am glad you like the poem. I hope you received my poems by email and know from your twitter that you are on the way to London. Have a safe trip and take care - see you when you get back - shobana.

  2. Is your tap water good quality Shobana, we filter ours nothing wrong with it but it builds lime in the kettle. You cannot go far wrong with bubbling streams, I don't know how you bash a decent poem out a day, but good luck be with you. Nice to be young.

    1. Hi CC, yes our tap waters are filtered and builds up lime too. I sort of say abacadabra and the poem just dishes out..hahaha..Thanks for the visit CC.


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