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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Voice of the Lord in an Uprising

The reflection of the Koi amid the crystal clear waters
added a luxury to the surrounding
of lush vegetation sprinkled among
the rocks of steady waters a gushing..
The sound pleasing to her senses
likened to the Voice of the Lord in an Uprising..
soft, sensuous and stilling..

She see herself tip-toeing down
the step like projections of solid
earthware made of stones..

The chill of the water in make believe
touches the outline of her feet
making her tremble in the strength
of its feel..

Sliding down her feet, they resemble
a stream of cacophony of mesmerizing
waters of living dream..
Cool to the eyes and touch
they capture her momentous dizzying
rapture of waters of spring..



  1. This illustration made me think of poor old Smokey having to net his ponds against the dreaded heron.I liked the first three verses Shobana very good. I do admire your tenacity for writing this amount in one week.It is nice to feel young and bubbling with inspiration, fortunately I no longer suffer from that affliction. Now the binking cat is mewing for his Carp sandwich. Read Ya.

  2. Well if I don't get a medal for persistance. Or a Koi sandwich. This is the fourth time I have written on this site. You sit there unperturbed and I am deflated. I think I will have a cold bath with Doris we do have a yellow duck to play with, I expect she will wear her mackintosh.

    1. Hi CC, aw>>how awful that you had to go through all that but I shall give you an A+ for your persistence. Are you cold bathing with Doris now?? whatever happened to the florist?? LOL. I don't know I somehow feel that the yellow duck will be smothered by the both of you!! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  3. Hi Shobana, it is as if the Lord speaks to you through your poetry - very inspiring and just got back from Dubai - tony.

    1. Hi Tony,
      You know He does in so many ways and I have always said that my poetic skills are a gift from God. I'm glad you find it inspiring as I find it spiritually uplifting just writing it. It gives me an absolute adrenalin rush and puts me in a peaceful state of mind and each time I get encouraging remarks on it - I cannot explain the absolute happiness I feel. Thanks so much for stopping by and great that you are back home.


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