Monday, February 20, 2012

We and Not I

Sometimes the past holds what the future would summarize for us - a distant summation, here meaning the future, of varied experiences that may sometimes be begrudging or even bring on a positive change for the better. I have seen people of much riches in the past and in riches I mean not only in wealth but with the whole package of having a silver spoon in their mouths succumb to the pressures of modern day lives and are now in the present a broken set of people. I thought of life and how it had been for me for the longest time and in doing that I came up with this poem :-

I lived once embracing a spirit of carefree
Careless ambitions rode the storm of my sky
Laughter once ruled every time I turned a blind eye
to the many misgivings I went through that life..

I live now not for me but for the "we"
Embracing and clutching the little hugs that I receive
I smile at much of what I have said in glee
Every morning bringing with it a new degree....

I have none but me to please and that's a lie
Something many would want selfishly greedy full of pride
How wrong they assume that life is nothing but an "I"
Cause as I walk through it I find there are others
that live just as I..


As I summed up this poem that said a little of me, I realized that through the times of my loneliness there was much I learned and am now just so free.. and someday I shall be the poet of my dreams and in my journey I hope you will be nourished truly and regard me a true friend to read. Hope you like it (for all my loyal readers that I see in my statistics) - shobana.


  1. I think it is nice to give an explanation which covers ones poem. So many embrace a shell like attitude. An engaging poem.

  2. Hello CC, I guess it is - hope you are doing ok..miss you in blogit though.


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