Friday, February 3, 2012

When Green is the Way..

I thought green would be my theme for a written work today..It says a lot for the serenity of its color scheme.
Green - the color of the earth seen through microscopic lenses / eyes of the inquisitive and the only jarring note in that color would be that it represents jealousy..what say?

I was somewhat Green in my perspective of things until my inquisitiveness took hold of the better of me and today I see myself as an overcomer of the "Green Syndrome".
At what age does a girl (and here I speak on behalf of girls growing into adulthood) overcome their greenish attire? Like for instance her thoughts on boys for instance? How green does a green girl have to be before she is given the index of maturity - shall we say the color yellow like in ripe with a ripened view?

When I was 16 I thought a lot of how my life would evolve into, the kind of a guy I would someday meet and marry, the career I would be transfixed in and most importantly the kind of a person I would turn out to be....
Each question had a different answer and after years of evolution (in this case me..) I am now in the brink of trying to understand why nothing I dreamt of then turned out the way I wanted it to..I am in a totally different
spectre of circumstance. My job is definitely not what I dreamt I would be entailed with - the greeness of my life supposedly to be evergreen has not been spared the scarity of watered endeavors making it wholesomely
fresh and spritely and the lists of my groaning can go on and on..Do I regret the way I have turned out to be - Personably - No...I am quite happy with my ingrained habits and attitude towards people and life in general.
At 16 my thoughts were so insurmountably fresh and I can only conclude that experience gained is what makes a person - a truly seasoned one in all aspects of life..

I remember my trip to Cuba with my daughter..She obtained a scholarship to do medicine under the Cuban Government. I remember her sleeping on my shoulders on the airplane and thinking how things would turn out for her and if she would be able to cope with the intensity of her chosen career and would she be somewhat like me - taken in a different direction. I know I prayed fervently and promised to do all I can in my capacity to make sure her dreams came true. When we enlisted her at the University of Havana for her stay there - she became an adult overnight. Her maturity in accepting the circumstances there and her determination to succeed could be seen at the way she conducted herself amongst her peers. How green was she before she left for Cuba - truly as green as green should be and now a total leader in her chosen path.. 
A real pride to me..well she sent me a note today and I guess I miss her presence here..still green where my feelings for my girls are concerned!

Well the earth is crying out for its greeness that is being ravaged by unscrupulous money spinning commodores of the world. The color slowly taken off the landscape of the earth eroding and left as scarce and neglected. Let's join together in fighting the erosion of this beautiful world..with scientists researching new technologies and coming up with new discoveries - may there be one who finds the equality of substituting one tree that has lived a hundred years with something that can be sprung up and used to make these commodores rich by another means..

Here's me wishing everyone a great weekend ahead of you..let the light of the sunrise reach the shores of the earth and sprout sapplings of the green of the earth..

Have a Happy Green weekend everyone..



  1. Nothing is ever going be perfect Shobana if one wants a green world one has to be better than the next person and that would be easy if they were compared to me.I feel green when I see wrinklies holding hands and gazing into the sunset. Or even blue.

  2. Hiya CC - you're right nothing ever stays green forever for sure..


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