Sunday, February 19, 2012

Would it that Buying Insurance Pays..

So it was quite a surprise to me when I discovered that my blogs are making some kind of headway into the the readership of minds interested in poetic skills. I am surprised..very much so with the scope of readers from the different parts of the globe..and I would like to welcome them and am truly excited to meet their expectations as a writer.

Thinking of this, I went over to the hospital this morning to collect my medication for a meagre ailment that promises to go away sometime within the next few months with regular intake and I sort of thought about what someone said of the people that visit the hospitals - they are from all walks of life!. How true when you see the difference between you and those indiposed through various ailments. Which brings me to the question - how old is old enough when you are regarded an invalid to life's many different conspiracies against you? Like illnesses for instance - isn't is a conspiracy against your grain of being by making you an invalid at the most exact time that you want to take life easy and reap the benefits of your toil all through the years beforehand?

My girls thankfully have insurance just in case they are in need of medical care. How many of us have really taken up medical health insurance to help us in times of our need basically because we take it for granted that none of the fatal illnesses can be incurred by us at any given age? I think the way life handles us and not the other way round these days - we are helpless without some form of insurance. Insurance taken on life, a joint partnership between the insurer and the life concerned is a long standing relationship and one I think that would only benefit the next of kin. Simply put this is what I derive at - Insurance is a non-conformity of dreaded disesases and an endless expense to the what-ifs. A policy of taking the bull by the horns in a manner of speaking and making sure you are the matador not attacked by the bull. Does this make senses?? I hope so.

Anyway, my morning summed up pretty nicely when it sort of drizzled my feelings of sympathy away and I set off back to the office with my medication, happy that I have all my limbs and what not in order and looking variably human!! I dread to think of myself in any other way!

Here's wishing all of us have a very healthy attitude in mind and body - love conjures up all kinds of feelings including sympathy and also hoping that everyone will have a great week ahead of you.
Oh and did I tell you I cut my hair? - Its kinda short considering I have always had it long meaning below my shoulders and now it is a notch above my shoulders..

Looking spiffy, here's me shobana wishing all of you an insurance free life :)



  1. Hi Shobana, how are you? How true about the insurance bit but its good to be prepared well in advance I suppose. The future is always about the what if(s) isn't it? Read your reply to me and wondered if God talks to you the way he does to me at times. Take care - tony.

  2. I am happy for you Shobana, every one likes recognition.I believe I did meet a few Angels once. I suppose that is a start.Squeak, squeak, cut your long distictive hair. I seem to rememember a squeal of horror not long ago when it was suggested by a hair-dresser.I agree with the insurance, but sadly not many folk can afford that luxury. Well I suppose a lot might if they gave up other things.You should get a slot on your local rag. Keep taking the pills.

    1. Hi CC, I laughed at your comment...just so cute. Yes, it was kinda hard for me to visualize myself with shorter hair but now I feel a lot lighter in the head..LOL. I'll keep on taking those pills and lets see where it gets me - hopefully to the UK..Thank you for your visit my friend.

  3. Shobana - don't forget to reply to my blog. In sequence it will take us a long way to when one day you will be recognized for your statements made - tony

  4. Hi tony, I do talk to the Lord almost everyday and he just whispers his reply to me..LOL. I'm glad that you have a mutual affinity to the Lord which is why I think you are so blessed. Life is hard sometimes so you sort of need someone from upstairs watching over you I think. I smiled at your comment on the insurance bit - yes of course we all need some kind of insurance for assurance..:) I have given my two sense worth on your statement and am really humbled by your visits, comments and encouragement. It somehow makes me feel like I have touched someone's life. Thanks once again and am quite excited actually as to what your next statement would be. Do you really mean to have an open dialogue with!!.


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