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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twas the date that springeth forth the tormentor's bloom

The date appears as 14 when she reasons
 her tormentors'
position :-

Love when singled out is like a stalk of rose fresh
as spring when awakened from the slumber
of a morning rain, soft with kisses
of silent dew and in a
discourse of tormented strain it bleeds
the thorns of fingers stained.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Renters of the Dreamless Breeders

A wingless creation mayhaps I shall stray
and form thoughts of oblivion that sway by zealous display
For I opine with the creature of the winged
That spread wings of flight oft whilst perturbed by the wind
Be I A parody of zest forseen 
Not I, say I but a quest for men unseen

A marked target shall I not be unleashed
by the parody of the ungodly acting in sin
Shall I not see the angst of those that covert and grin
and parade an unlawful rile that proscribe
what writ I subject to my scribe
and incite a nocturne of the unwise

O that I be wakened when in peaceful slumber
and greeted by the renters of the dreamless breeders
that hearken in haste when daybreak encounter
at dawn they whisk away goaded in terror.

A wingless creation mayhaps I shall stray
from the wistful who are lost in their ways...



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