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Monday, April 23, 2012

For Robin Gibb

In Silent Adulation

Did you hear a little voice, an angel call out to you..
"Wake up Robin..I miss you..
The sun is awake now and the roses are bloomed yellow..
The rainbow after last night's rain is lying low
There is an absence of song with your slumbered silence..
The bees are busy buzzing afresh and the lilies fresh from budding..

Wake up Robin and do your bidding
For the lark awaits a song, your voice its beckoning
Sing a glorious song with a melody uplifting
For the Glory of the Lord is seen through the gift of your songs abounding

Wake up Robin and heal 
For the world fears your loss and needs your comforting
Songs sung by you prized in princely possession
The angel await your sound and I stand awed in worldly 

all rights reserved- copyright@shobana2012

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