Sunday, April 15, 2012

Would that we not wait for the waiter of the wait?

I wonder if somethings in life are worth the wait
and why we deem it such..

I have seen the cascading of the lows of  a sunset
watched by a myriad of seasoned sea-farers..
Of ships that were once in tow
now capsized in the thunder of the roaring seas...
Perhaps the rising of the glorious sun,
would that we not deem it miraculous,
a sight to behold?

I wonder at the fragility of a babe's fingers
Perhaps having the marks of a seasoned pianist
or a painter...
Marked for stardom and seen
as maskers of a gifted endowed..

Would that we not perchance inscribe
in our scrolls of life
somethings worth the wait are for
the waited and the waiter of the wait...


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