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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Caught in the throes of an emotive goodbye

A little girl alone and so shy, and then the flame of love died in her eyes, her heart was broken too when he said goodbye - taken from "The Last Waltz"

Caught in the throes of an emotive goodbye

It was a night so lively
When in centre stage a band played a melody
The lead in command of the percussion
Stood singing his heart out entertaining..

A little young perhaps a little shy
A little naive, she definitely caught his eye
She starred a little smile
At him and caught his laughter
His voice ringing out  her number..

She left the room filled in a smokey attire
Her date clinging 
Her fingers in his capture..

She turned as she passed the band in action
The music in display, silent in adoration
Her soulful rendition, her breathless infusion
Her song past the numbers in a jukebox evaluation 


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