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Monday, June 25, 2012


I see what you don't see...most times
Above the clouds and under seams of time
The visions of the unseen captured
By images of my mind reeling in rapture

I find what you don't find... at times
Crossing stumbles left undone
Above the stars I see a  wisdom light
My view of everlasting shine
Caught between visions that goes on and on

I walk on streets not heard of…at times
Only seen through waltzing steps, I walk a mile
I wish that dancing shoes are not a crime
For it makes my little steps take larger ones
Reaching heights of breath divine

I walk streets that cry sometimes
Below the ruins that break its fine
Disappearing in cracks of mud and grime
Marring the beauty of its time

I walk away from love sometimes
like its not been written in the stars
when it is not accounted for
 and undone for reasons wronged

I run where my feet takes me ….when I let it
Far into places that are deemed wrong and gone
I look around and see not what you see…most times
Making me invincible to mankind
Being one and none at each glance

I run where places are made for walk
I run where years were once of ago bridging time
I hide where people live sometimes
Calling it a dwelling in their minds

 I laugh away those tears of yours
Making me a clown you've come across
I take the rainbow and lay it out
far across meadows and valleys
and mountain tops
taking its colors one by one
to be seen surreal by one and all

I walk away from truth… at times
Envisioning that lies are fine..
I take a little of me most times
And give you what you want
A place for dreams to reach the skies
and realize that I ..most times
live a dream that was promised me from another time

 Imagination Unchained
from my mind....
I stand before you
a poet of this time.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Riddle for You..

Born of a pen
written in ink
blue, black or green
no one can edit
bound over in time
related to a mind..

(What is it??)


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