Friday, August 17, 2012

"Changing the world by the minute"

It is what is happening these days. As the earth revolves, a little part of it changes with evolution. 
The dinosaur era is in the past, one we had no experience in and only through research and studies found an answer and knowledge to. In the soon future, we would have an era of lost kingdoms. With the sudden outrage of the different catastrophes hitting our world - this is inevitable.

I sat speaking to my two daughters yesterday and they were telling me about an astonishing bit of news. One of their church going friends had an experience of a morbid kind to reveal to them. One on exorcism he witnessed by four priests who prayed and cleansed the victim from evil spirits. Before the naysayers deride this bit of information as rubbish, please note that I know all of those involved in the exorcism personally.

Now, there was this woman whose mother-in-law had taken a great dislike to her and was constantly at her  about one thing or another.  The mother-in-law lived with this woman and her family. The mother-in-law's nagging got her so riled up one day that she went to a witch doctor to put a spell on the mother-in law. The witch doctor cast a black magic spell on her and in the ritual tied the mother-in law's soul to a demon. During the exorcism and prayer by the priests, the spirits in the mother-in-law's body conversed with the priests and told them that he is second to Lucifer and he is an immortal soul. He was there in the MIL's body to claim her soul once she died and take her to hell with him. In the meantime, he is there to cause havoc in the life of the MIL whose servant (i.e. the woman)  pray to him. The witch doctor is the intermediary here.
All through the prayer session, the mother-in law screamed and spoke like a man, At one stage, she slithered like a serpent up the stairs to the sacristy. She even got hold of a pew and threw it at the priests, such was the strength of the beast in the body of the mother-in law. After much prayers and exorcism, the priests managed to chase the evil spirits out of the mother-in law's body. A week later, the woman, her husband and two children were involved in a fatal car accident. The woman died a severe death whereas the man and his children were alive. She was unrecognizable but in the coffin, she looked very much alive.
How creepy it must have been for the family. The woman sold her soul to the devil in her quest to seek revenge on the mother-in law who was a fervent church going catholic.
The woman had enlisted the services of an African witch doctor. I was told that they are so strong in their black magic and for the right sum of money, they have no qualms about casting black magic on anyone. They pray to the devil and also practice voodoo in their ritual.

This sent a shiver down my spine. The ruthlessness of people sometimes are incomprehensible.  Now in this woman's case, she died a horrible death, lost her soul and the respect and love of her loved ones and I'm sure the trauma it has caused the whole family will never leave them. Why go to the devil, isn't God there to answer our prayers? Why do we have witch doctors in this world? It is nerve-wrecking to know that no-one is safe anymore in this world we call our home. 

So, stay safe and be careful. You never know what is lurking out there!!


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