Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Sparrow Set Free

 Have you ever heard of the song
something about Simon being Simple
and what he said???

A batch of ageless sparrows
scattered with wings spread out 
flying free,
Then came a sliver of lightning
and caught one
in its wing..

Fly little sparrow where the wings are 
spread free
Fly with your bodies covered with
a glimpse of a breeze.
Fly where the naked clouds wait to rain
you with endless showers
and breaths of fresh air..

The broken winged one
landed way below and struggled
to capture its glory once more..
A little girl it found
running to set it free
A saved sparrow now in
hands that are warm and carefree...

Fly  little sparrow where the world 
spins you free
Every angle you take now
depends on the speed of your dream..

The healed little sparrow
now cured of its hurt
is set free by the little girl
and now it roams free...

It went far into the wings of the clouds
but something stayed missing
right down in its heart..
Where did that little girl
that set me free
Come from and be
at the right place you see..

I shall miss her and her beauty
I shall always see
When I fly away like
a new babe with wings...


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