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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Captive Hearts

Love is blind and lovers cannot see the pretty follies they themselves commit- shakespeare

He thought of ways to meet her
and on rainy days its gets harder
the weather and coldness without her warmth
and shallow feelings of  come what may.

Why does the feeling of love sometimes betray
the very depth of what it must portray
and to answer that question I must say
that love is blind
for her beauty is hidden by time
and taken apart by a crime

A crime? he asks her

Yes, she says for to be enamoured by love
is to be captive to hearts such as we..

and she walks away with a smile....


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sound of the drizzle

Have you heard the sound of a drizzle at night?
When it falls with tiny thuds on window panes
that shuts it out
from wetting the curtains that
covers its breath.

Little glistening waters that seem
harmless and pure,
washing out little stains
that sometimes stick 
with dust and dirt.

Have you ever thought of its falling
like a baptismal offering
of waters that rinse the
sins off a new born babe?

Or even linked to two hearts
that bond with waters of love
that turn and churn
the tides of true love.

Sometimes..we catch those little
drops and hasten a step
running to a shade
to steer clear of a cold

Oh yes, have you heard
the falling of a drizzle
outside your window at night?



Monday, October 29, 2012

The Wedding Ring
There was this couple who wanted to get married on a very special date. So they sought out astronomers whose predictions were based on the date they were to be married . They were asked to give one date each by one famed astronomer. The groom came up with 10.11.12 and the bride with 09.10.12. Now each of the dates were quite special in relativity. They preceded the numbers in accordance.
So then, after analyzing the dates and the prediction of this famed astronomer, they decided on 09.10.12 and went on with the preparations. The date was predicted to take them on a lifelong journey till the last days of their lives. It was to be a gala event with much of the guests invited that of distinguished status. 
Finally the day arrived. The groom stood at the alter waiting for his bride to walk up the aisle and stand beside him. The atmosphere was one of much gaiety and splendor. And as the choir sang the Wedding Song, the blushing bride walked in.
When it was time for them to exchange the rings - hers a diamond and his platinum, the little page boy who carried the rings dropped one of them. The diamond ring was placed in a strategic hold on the cushion while the platinum ring cut loose and hence it rolled onto the floor and it took all the bridesmaids and the flowers girls looking for it at least 15 minutes before it was found.
The priest stood by first watching with dismay and then in amusement. The bride and the groom looked harried and alarmed. When found, there was a visible sigh of relief and the ceremony continued. After the exchange of the rings, the groom kissed the bride and she in turn looked radiant and happy. They were now husband and wife.
The wedding rings being the symbol of two people brought together in matrimony is often a subject of great discussion between a soon to be husband and wife. Now in this case, the groom and the bride who consulted the astronomer on the date of the wedding did not foresee that it was not only the date that constituted a marriage to be safe from all adversities.
After 15 years of marriage, the husband left the wife and found himself another. The wife though devastated, decided to seek the astronomer who predicted that they would share a lifetime together.
The astronomer seemed old but remembered the couple and their chosen date - 09.10.12. When told of her predicament, the astronomer summarized as follows :-
You chose a diamond for him to give on a day that preceded the numbers in tiers..His platinum rolled off your cushioned grasp and left you to seek it for a quarter of an hour. I read of your numbers and predicted what I saw but you held my views way above the alter you faced. Your wedding rings were blessed by the Maker of you so why do you seek to know where I went wrong. Would you not go to your Maker to find out what died in a relationship that he blessed on the day you were wed?
The wife sat in quiet discernment, quietly letting her tears fall. 
For if truth is told and read out aloud, she gave more importance to seeker of Sun and forgot Him who decides.

For in his hands are written the path he chose for you that no greater than Him shall be able to forsee and foretell - shobana.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Linking Purple

Sing me a song
of a color you love,
she glanced a look
and I glimpsed a smile.

Have you heard the reason
they pick a color to be their favorite?
It was so they matched their lives.

A  purple morning glory
planted in spring look pretty
and invigorating..
On days the sky turn a thunderous
shadow of blue, 
you see strains of purple with  black.

Now try a pallet filled with three colors
one of white, blue and black.
You mix them up a little cautious
cause  it would take a red
                                                           to make it purple.

                                                   A maiden fair wore the color purple
                                               as her gown to the ball,
                                                 She matched them with tiny pearls
                                            linked with diamonds
                                           and made an outstanding bride.
                                             (For Lustor - )

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It was while I stared with awe..

She looks out her window tonight
and watches the star glazed night
sharing their light
with a darkness that's shared
by one world and a universe.

O stars of the night
I watch you each time
with an inspired mind
and an agile profile
of a tiny creation of this earth..

Do you wonder sometimes
how the stars see you while shining their light
upon shadowed faces
and colored graces that are not in sight?

Do they speak the same language
when they shine themselves onto the earth?

What do this language mean?
That the stars of the universe must heed,
Can you name me by the flickers of my spell
That is cast upon you like a trailing beam?

O Stars of the night
Can I take a ticket for a ride
To that place that's awesome and might
someday that I may have my name right next to yours..

And so the stars speak a language as mine.
Trailing graces divine
and lighting up this world I call mine
while I stare with awe at its universe divine.

- shobana -

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This song just came to me in a moment of splendor and these lyrics are up for sale to anyone who would be interested to purchase it off me. Please email me at creativewritingwithshobana@gmail.com for further details.

Lyrics to this song is copyrighted solely to shobana@2012. Any attempt to copy this material or redistribute it without prior permission from the Lyricist/Songwriter is prohibited.

A Christmas Melody
(all rights reserved. copyright@shobana2012)

Walking in the snow, I trip and fall
and feel the cold,
The snowman watches me
but blink and stare and can't help me
The trail of footprints that I leave
with the fall making a mark gets me
to sing a new melody

Christmas, just me and you for to be
a family watching snowflakes trickling through
window panes covered with lights red and blue.

Christmas, a halo seen with stars glistening
on each tree lining the pathway to our home
with hushed hues of the magic of christmas.

I get up, laughing aloud, Happy its Christmas time
the season to wish and know
that we are together with happiness in store
sharing our times 
breaking the norm as we do

Window shopping, I walk past them
Seeing bright colored tinsel glare
with a shine of things gold and new
Stopping at a crib built to heed
the savior's birth,
I know in my heart this Christmas, this Christmas
we will make it one with you.

I listen for the whispers, hear them and sing out loud with joy.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Of being the color Yellow

Sometimes they smile the color yellow
It radiates and seem to glow
It cajoles the sun of a tale
'bout how a flower loves the day..

The petals soft they seem so fine
to fingers reaching its breath of style
Caressing the hours it bids a smile
From a day just blooming out in the sun..

Of being the color yellow
It takes a child to teach the world
that colors bring a new sensation
like dyes of nature
that color the board.

Of being the color yellow brings on a smile from one and all.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Whale

She was nine when she heard
of a tale
told the old fashioned way,
written to be read
by a writer who penned his words
onto paper
and found glory
a little too late mayhaps..

It created a storm of
much interest
 about a whale
 sought by a seafarer
whose limbs it had curtailed.

Finding its spot in an ocean wide 
the sailor traveled 
far and wide
over lands and seas
and called his revenge
an absolution
if he kills Moby Dick. 

Moby Dick, the whale
a story told of an age
when the need for revenge
for wrongs go unpunished.

For of a man whose limbs were undone
was a story told as an ageless one
Taking children into a spin
of the classic crown.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Champagne at Sunrise

Tinkling glasses in hands woven with meticulous
colors - the colors of the mehendi..
designed by
the crafters whose craft
upholds a tradition.

Simple and structured amazing onlookers
stealing a glance from the sideways of their vision,
a girl they see sipping in fashion..

Have you had champagne mingled with sunrise?
Sat with a colored beauty
and her bubble of mirth filled with laughs,
Have you felt her hands that
captured  you with a design
leading temptations into minds
with a promise of romance?

The sunrise spread across  the horizon,
a horizontal vision of madness
a beautiful malady that soon it will all come down
to a sunset taking over the prime time.

Bride's Mehendi with Earrings


Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Beacon of Pride and Hope

They silenced the critics
of them that drew past not seeing
the beauty of the moment
where in a display 
they wait 
to be taken by those
of craze

In a corner they stood
making the aura of its surrounding
a harmonious stage
of beauty provided by nature
kept by man as his trophy.

It is when beauty meets the eye of the beholder
that Man is in tune with Nature 
such as this.

The meaning of the desert deserted by the crowd
will someday deem a challenge
to them of pretentious strife

For what does Man not have
if he sees how the desert will treasure
his trophy as a beacon of pride and hope.


Saturday, October 13, 2012


I found a chance 
a million in one
to reach the cores
of love divine.

I said it true
meant heartfelt and renewed
and hungered for
it to be heard by you.

Words said in the old fashion way
A tilt of a shy smile 
and a brave
front to make me feel
this way 

Words so sublime and true
like I wish I had met you
and lived a life with you
just as I see
it pictured in my dreams of you.

Words are the scripture of love
with an inscription of understanding - shobana

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Reflective Sky

Have you ever wondered at the hidden
vigil of the sun during the hours it blends
with the stars of the night?
How is seems to be seen
as a blinding star that leads
a delegation of silent twilights
 awed at its might.

Have you wondered at its enormous
task of leading the ritual of the morning on
the side of the globe you are in and leading
the stars of night on the side you are not..
And on a rainy day, it amasses the colors
of the seven skies of the universe
reflecting it to a wondrous crowd 
with crystal clear eyes.

If by chance and that is in a million
you can sway to the colors sprinkled
on rainbows and raise a clear sky
to the pallet of the sun
would you be the beholder 
of the brush that paints
or the easel that holds
the breathtaking board
of the reflective sky?


Monday, October 1, 2012

She Waits for Words

She waits for words
to be heard
make it a whisper
or said in hushed tones
leaving her breathless
stealing the hours of morn..

The sun comes riding
upon a bleak day
lighting a torch that beget a sunny day
that lit up the smiles of all.

The flowers that bloomed today
was not of yesterday
Could it be said someday
It bloomed a little late
and now it stood
a one of today.

The sea rushed by
the hours awakened by
its gentle flow of tide
that brushed her fears aside
as the waters subside
leaving her bereft
of the gentle tide.


Goddess of Song

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