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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It was while I stared with awe..

She looks out her window tonight
and watches the star glazed night
sharing their light
with a darkness that's shared
by one world and a universe.

O stars of the night
I watch you each time
with an inspired mind
and an agile profile
of a tiny creation of this earth..

Do you wonder sometimes
how the stars see you while shining their light
upon shadowed faces
and colored graces that are not in sight?

Do they speak the same language
when they shine themselves onto the earth?

What do this language mean?
That the stars of the universe must heed,
Can you name me by the flickers of my spell
That is cast upon you like a trailing beam?

O Stars of the night
Can I take a ticket for a ride
To that place that's awesome and might
someday that I may have my name right next to yours..

And so the stars speak a language as mine.
Trailing graces divine
and lighting up this world I call mine
while I stare with awe at its universe divine.

- shobana -

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