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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sound of the drizzle

Have you heard the sound of a drizzle at night?
When it falls with tiny thuds on window panes
that shuts it out
from wetting the curtains that
covers its breath.

Little glistening waters that seem
harmless and pure,
washing out little stains
that sometimes stick 
with dust and dirt.

Have you ever thought of its falling
like a baptismal offering
of waters that rinse the
sins off a new born babe?

Or even linked to two hearts
that bond with waters of love
that turn and churn
the tides of true love.

Sometimes..we catch those little
drops and hasten a step
running to a shade
to steer clear of a cold

Oh yes, have you heard
the falling of a drizzle
outside your window at night?



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