Monday, October 29, 2012

The Wedding Ring
There was this couple who wanted to get married on a very special date. So they sought out astronomers whose predictions were based on the date they were to be married . They were asked to give one date each by one famed astronomer. The groom came up with 10.11.12 and the bride with 09.10.12. Now each of the dates were quite special in relativity. They preceded the numbers in accordance.
So then, after analyzing the dates and the prediction of this famed astronomer, they decided on 09.10.12 and went on with the preparations. The date was predicted to take them on a lifelong journey till the last days of their lives. It was to be a gala event with much of the guests invited that of distinguished status. 
Finally the day arrived. The groom stood at the alter waiting for his bride to walk up the aisle and stand beside him. The atmosphere was one of much gaiety and splendor. And as the choir sang the Wedding Song, the blushing bride walked in.
When it was time for them to exchange the rings - hers a diamond and his platinum, the little page boy who carried the rings dropped one of them. The diamond ring was placed in a strategic hold on the cushion while the platinum ring cut loose and hence it rolled onto the floor and it took all the bridesmaids and the flowers girls looking for it at least 15 minutes before it was found.
The priest stood by first watching with dismay and then in amusement. The bride and the groom looked harried and alarmed. When found, there was a visible sigh of relief and the ceremony continued. After the exchange of the rings, the groom kissed the bride and she in turn looked radiant and happy. They were now husband and wife.
The wedding rings being the symbol of two people brought together in matrimony is often a subject of great discussion between a soon to be husband and wife. Now in this case, the groom and the bride who consulted the astronomer on the date of the wedding did not foresee that it was not only the date that constituted a marriage to be safe from all adversities.
After 15 years of marriage, the husband left the wife and found himself another. The wife though devastated, decided to seek the astronomer who predicted that they would share a lifetime together.
The astronomer seemed old but remembered the couple and their chosen date - 09.10.12. When told of her predicament, the astronomer summarized as follows :-
You chose a diamond for him to give on a day that preceded the numbers in tiers..His platinum rolled off your cushioned grasp and left you to seek it for a quarter of an hour. I read of your numbers and predicted what I saw but you held my views way above the alter you faced. Your wedding rings were blessed by the Maker of you so why do you seek to know where I went wrong. Would you not go to your Maker to find out what died in a relationship that he blessed on the day you were wed?
The wife sat in quiet discernment, quietly letting her tears fall. 
For if truth is told and read out aloud, she gave more importance to seeker of Sun and forgot Him who decides.

For in his hands are written the path he chose for you that no greater than Him shall be able to forsee and foretell - shobana.

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