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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Whale

She was nine when she heard
of a tale
told the old fashioned way,
written to be read
by a writer who penned his words
onto paper
and found glory
a little too late mayhaps..

It created a storm of
much interest
 about a whale
 sought by a seafarer
whose limbs it had curtailed.

Finding its spot in an ocean wide 
the sailor traveled 
far and wide
over lands and seas
and called his revenge
an absolution
if he kills Moby Dick. 

Moby Dick, the whale
a story told of an age
when the need for revenge
for wrongs go unpunished.

For of a man whose limbs were undone
was a story told as an ageless one
Taking children into a spin
of the classic crown.


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