Saturday, October 20, 2012

This song just came to me in a moment of splendor and these lyrics are up for sale to anyone who would be interested to purchase it off me. Please email me at for further details.

Lyrics to this song is copyrighted solely to shobana@2012. Any attempt to copy this material or redistribute it without prior permission from the Lyricist/Songwriter is prohibited.

A Christmas Melody
(all rights reserved. copyright@shobana2012)

Walking in the snow, I trip and fall
and feel the cold,
The snowman watches me
but blink and stare and can't help me
The trail of footprints that I leave
with the fall making a mark gets me
to sing a new melody

Christmas, just me and you for to be
a family watching snowflakes trickling through
window panes covered with lights red and blue.

Christmas, a halo seen with stars glistening
on each tree lining the pathway to our home
with hushed hues of the magic of christmas.

I get up, laughing aloud, Happy its Christmas time
the season to wish and know
that we are together with happiness in store
sharing our times 
breaking the norm as we do

Window shopping, I walk past them
Seeing bright colored tinsel glare
with a shine of things gold and new
Stopping at a crib built to heed
the savior's birth,
I know in my heart this Christmas, this Christmas
we will make it one with you.

I listen for the whispers, hear them and sing out loud with joy.


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