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Friday, November 30, 2012

Running Edges of Ink - Master of the Poets

Master of the Poets

I read through rhymes
running edges of dried ink
that stained pages taken
from memories
mayhaps gained by an insight
of meaningful endeavors and brushes
with life..

Of what life do you speak of
O Master of the Poets..

I speak of the many grunts
and designs of the meagre being,
Of watching a sun-bathed sky dieing
in grief..
I speak of the distant tongue
torched by a raging whim,
the whim of mankind..

And what may they be
my Master?? this whim you speak of..

Whims of fancies that run by numbers
and stage a collision with man's
Extracting the wrath
of the hidden and disguising the
masks of the diseased ..

"The written exclamation of the
bearer of those whims
are often a forgotten curse
as with to begin."


Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

The countdown...

Did you know that the celebrations have started, asked Dad..
So I am taking you into a journey of sorts
Get on your sleigh, Santa Claus
And let the reindeers get your routes to the children that need to be fed.

Fed? Dad!??
Yes, fed my child with presents stocked year long for them
Were you good or bad or was there a time you lied
Did you take a bite of the apple doomed to change your life
Or did you hear a voice beckoning goodness in you.

Count the days to Christmas
Starts at 15 November do..
Make a calendar of sorts on a Christmas tree made out of wood will do..
Each day will mark with a chocolate for you
At the end of the season, Christmas bids you adieu..

Oh Dad, I don't want Christmas to bid me adieu :(

Well, its a long way off child, let us celebrate and dine
At the Feast of the Nativity 
Say of good cheer be mine 

Did you take a bite of that chocolate
And mark the calendar too
That the 25th of December
Is on its way to you...


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Was it 2000 years ago Dad?

The Adoration of the Magi by Giotto

Was is it 2000 years ago dad, when Jesus was born?, she asked loving her moments of story with him..

A newborn babe was born to a Virgin
and it brought upon a new sensation.
A blessed woman beheld God's creation
in her blessed arms and called his birth Christmas..

Why Christmas Dad?, Why not a Birthday Special..?

It is the birth of someone special my child
Who would lead this world to peace and joy
And live a life dedicated to our Lord
and speak His word and sing His songs..

And so, the Virgin Mother who was blessed by God
called him Christ the King and had a celebration ring
out in joyous chorus and they named it Christmas
Christ + a mass of celebration..

For He is not of this world, though he fought a human fight
He stood apart from us
And led us out of dark..
And yes the Lord's spoke through Jesus
2000 years ago, when the star of the cross led three wise men
to his stable
And today we shout with joy for unto us
A King is Born..

My special moments with dad not over yet and I will reap
His profits when I meet him someday where heaven resides,
where harps and larks and angels choir rings loud above
a sky so high..


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What are Angels Dad?

What are angels Dad? She once asked standing by the Christmas tree...

Angels, with wings that fly are so real
They lift up your sadness for sure
And bring in those chocolates you love so dear

They watch over you and bring sunshine through the rain
and skip with you when you see a plane..

Well, angels are real, they stay high above those clouds you see
And take over those stormy clouds where rainbows cross the seas
And take you to those places where silver is strewn with blue
and make those ribbons look a dazzling color
that packs a gift each year for little girls like you
They walk ahead sometimes when Jesus trips a little too..
Laughing, catching, playing
all those tunes and teasing sometimes saying Jesus I caught your
fall with my wings..I did too ..

Angels they watch over you when sleep doth come over you
and empower you with the colors of the dew
when morning wages
another day making it a beautiful day for you..

That's an angel Dad says, and now she is helping you with
the Christmas tree .. go on choose the silver angel to be
hung against the star and make it a silver one for angels are so pure..


Monday, November 26, 2012

 Twinkle Twinkle Little Me

I found a place so far away 
Lit up and dyed a crimson red
I watched for tell tale signs
 that it would be a quiet starlit night

I dreamt upon those stars
Lost when Christmas brings in the tide
Of watched and awed and sometimes too 
a gift from God

I spelt the words in Greek and Bold
And silver lining and bronze and Gold
All tell-tale signs its Christmas time
some place not here or in sync with time

I count those minutes
with reckless drive
and see those minutes turn to hours
and wait for days
that bring forth Christmas
for us to gaze
and believe that stars
will shine in silver dusts
amidst the crimson dyed in rust
and  steal the show
on nights we take ourselves
on a dreamless sight.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beauty of my Soul

Real beauty is the beauty of the Soul -  Mahatma Ghandi

I know it will someday capture me
this artistry I find in myself
Where even the flowers which bloom
often covered with gloom
is often reflected through my eyes.

I hope the beauty you see in my smile
will let you know the depth of my cries
from the day I was born
till I aged years now worn
in numbers and wrinkles that show.

I know you will remember me by
the wisdom I keep 
hidden so deep and
which escapes me with a sigh.

The beauty of the rivers that
flow from within are often
neglected and left unseen..
I wish my soul for you to keep
with hands so clean that beauty is seen
arising each day anew.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Avenging Evil

At a time when evil was rampant
with the Gods engaged in battle
the world stood in darkness.

To see the light of good
a creed was established :-

"Where Evil prevailed
Men will live in darkness
prevalent and submerged
with catastrophes of mind and body.
Against this vision of madness
God won the war of greed,
bitterness and sadness
brought light where there 
was once dark"

Today we join in with great triumph
happiness and everlasting 
light and wish
the victors
"A Happy Deepavali"

Today we wish each and every Hindu, friends and relatives a very Happy Festival of Lights. May the Light of Good shine within and take each one of you on to journey of fulfillment. - shobana

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Its time for cheers
and special times
that presents, gifts with kisses store
I have a yearn
to have it all
wrapped in ribbons
on christmas morn

The cheerful embrace
of yuletide
and specials moments
wrapped all nice
I take a little peek
inside and see
the happiness set aside

O Joyful wonders
christmas brings
the silent vows
for you and me

I made a wish
to meet with you
under the mistletoe
for to kiss...


Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Christmas Tree

Little bells hung upon a Christmas tree
Do you know they tell a story
And if you look up with an awed express
You see a star in between..

Christmas tree standing tall and lighted
with little bulbs that reach the soul
Christmas tree full of glimmer and shine
and way up there you see my star.

Presents laid across its feet, big and small
covered in red, sometimes you see a little
green and sometimes you see them 
mixed with white. Yellow, red and golden
hues, little braids hung of silver strings.

I see them all in a bundle of Christmas joy
packed with love and hope, for Christmas
brings a tender touch and a simple thought
That the spirit of Chistmas stays in your heart 
and its love and touch absorbs your life.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Angel Set Free

I heard a voice
A special voice
Speak to me..

I heard it said you must been
sent from above
Why you have a simple notion
and a lovely peaceful devotion..
I heard it said
that you were sent from above.

The colors shimmer just
like gold dust and silver strewn
across the paved lined passage
of heaven's throne..
An angel lifts a kiss above
a little dove
that takes a message to
the multitude residing
down below.

I heard it said you were
an angel set free from above..


Saturday, November 3, 2012

After the Rain

Did you know that in the rain 
you find sunshine?
No not in the heavy and pelting kind..
Walk in a rain that 
washes tired minds that
sometimes fail to see
the sunshine 
and you'll
embrace what's missing in you.

Children playing in the rain
Happiness etched on little faces
Smiles and lifting up of laughter
and you see
the sunshine blind you.

Sunflower gaily emerging
from buds that covered their view
spreading the colors of yellow
and on rainy days
they smile upon you...

Rain and Sunshine
and the world in you
somedays the rain
is much too much to take
but come sunshine it just brightens
a part of you.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Did you Hear?
I heard a little whisper tonight
of two little sparrows that thought
they went unheard..

When ma was born, did you think
she decided upon being a sparrow?
one asked with a little quirk..

The other answered 
Why, I don't think she had a choice
for if she did why would she want to be
something small when
she could have chosen to be
a lioness or even a blue whale,
sailing seas or being a breathtaking beauty
running with grace
and keeping everyone enthralled
with its speed and entity?

Yes, your wisdom is bright
said the other,
You've shown me alright
that we are given a life
without choice
but often given options of course
to learn from the past
that mistakes are meant to be small
for the bigger ones will begrudge you with a fall
that may not be repaired at all..


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